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Posted Saturday, October 18, 2008 05:15 PM

Lets look at some Over / Unders on this tough Week 7 board...

Kinda initially liked Ben Burns picked of under 47 in SF @ NYG.. but starting to second guess that NYG electric offense if they decide to turn it back on after that humiliating loss on MNF. Don't see SF getting past 17 all the way in the east. Thinking 28 - 31 from the giants. Little too risky to play alot on, but is very doable. Should be a lot of running to keep the clock ticking.   At the very least. I'm confident on the 1st half under (not sure what the line is)   PITT @ CINCY under 35 as the Bungals are an absolute mess, they could be shutout here. The CIN run D was not too bad against the jets last week (i was at the freakin game) Ben would have to do the majority of the scoring, and he tends to not run the score up. Polamalu and that Steeler's D will have a great game to silence the critics of Polamalu's recent comments about the game.... In a non-physical kinda way (Yeah Right !! )     BAL @ MIA under 36.5 Im thinking that was a fluke game last week for Baltimore's D, plus they did play the Colts in Indy. What worries me is that freaking 'wildcat' stuff going on in Miami. I think Ray Lewis will have none of that. Always great taking unders with any fresh Baltimore QB at the helm as well. Plus, i usually like the Miami D at home. Ive gotta look into this one a bit more.     SEA @ TB over 38... Definately looking into this a bit more. Number seems a tad too low.  I just figure with or w... [More]


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