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Posted Wednesday, August 15, 2012 11:50 AM

homeless with 2000 credit line with bookie, help me newbie

I am a newbie, home less but I just got a 4000 credit line with local bookie through a  friend from high school. He didn't know i am homeless. Due date is every monday. I need to win the money so i can get a place to stay. if the 2000 gone then I have to leave out of state because  I don't want to loose any arms. I needed my arms  to hold sign. Currently I have a very busy corner in SW of Houston.
traffics count: over 15,000/day. Just too damn hot in the summer here. So everything I make it only go to beer to cool my body. Please people help me, this monday is a  do or die monday.  Only expert with positive units for the season can help me, or someone can lead me to who to follow the bets. I need to bet today. I will post daily to see the progress. I hope my bookie don't read this.


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