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Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2012 10:04 AM

I am a bookie. I have one customer and he pays my bills

Seriously, how on Earth can someone be that shit at picking games? In 12 years of watching gamblers win or lose money (including myself) I have never witnessed someone so bad, unlucky and ignorant of his own betting abilities. Someone to lose money so fast and always write it off as "bad luck" or "bad run" or "logic not working". Myself and most people I ever took action from were big time winners. I am up in sportsbetting thanks to a few big parlays and if it wasn't for the extremely bad luck of missing the parlays by a single point, I'd be up a few 100 thousands more.

This kid who bets with me usually bets 1 unit a play. Whether it's a parlay, a straight bet, a ML fav or a dog. And he always loses. When he wins a bet he sends me a text telling me that he won, asks for his balance, gloats about his super-intellect or all of the above. Of course he ends up losing the proceeds within the next play or two. When he is up a bit, he bets 2 or 3 units a play, hence reducing the chances of me having to pay a cashout. One time I had set up a meeting with him to pay him his positive balance and before we could meet, he winds up dumping his balance on the afternoon games!

I kinda feel bad. I feel like I am the second tax-man eating away at his income. But of course I cannot think like that. The question is, where can I find more like him? Someone trust-worthy enough that won't screw me. I trust him and he trusts me. We've known each other all our lives and honor at this p... [More]


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