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Terms guys use that immediately identify themselves as "squares" or "novices" or

First off let me say Im not claiming myself to be the worlds greatest handicapper, in fact Im far from it. I used to study lines and games till I was blue in the face and now I spend that energy on poker instead but thats not the point so whatevv

My point is after being on the is site off and on for years there are a few "stereotypes" we can make about posters that can pretty much, with 99% accuracy, immediately notify us that were dealing with a total square, an 18yr old kid who just discovered covers and is gonna show the world how to win, or just some clueless moron who thinks he's the worlds greatest capper.

Here are my few "key" words and phrases that I feel identify these guys :

#1) LOCK - the obvious century old one. You can pretty much write off a guy as far as anything credible if he calls ANY game a LOCK. Its just completely ridiculous and just shows the immaturity, inexperience, and naivety of someone who thinks "this game CANT lose"

#2) SPORTS INVESTING - Whenever someone refers to their "plan" or their screename uses the words "sports investing" you know youre either dealing with a tout or some newb that thinks he has an edge on the bookies by simply "picking winners." Whenever I see a person screenname with "Investing" in the title its an auto dont-read

#3) - WHO HERE SHOULD I TAIL GUYS? - Maybe even the worst, at least the first two guys have the confidence to go down in flames on their own. These guys who wanna tail are lite... [More]

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2010 NFL Season Win O/U's

I tracked this system last year using the good ol "turnovers=turnaround" system and it went either 3-1-1 or 4-1-1 so Im gonna post them here this year so I have them tracked and also because I think this is a pretty descent little thing, even though its just a few bets/year. This year there are 9 games that fit the criteria. I am not betting these, just posting

Green Bay UNDER 9.5 (+133) - wish this was 10 at worse juice but oh well

Eagles UNDER 8.5 (-130) - Theres an 8 at +132 but thats a key number in this spot IMO

Saints UNDER 10.5 (-139)

Ravens UNDER 10 (+119)

Lions OVER 5 (-144)

Rams OVER 5 (+130)

Raiders OVER 6 (-114)  - seems to be a crowd favorite

Browns OVER 5.5 (+110) - my least favorite

Redskins - OVER 7.5 (+105) - My favorite

For what its worth the GB, PHI, and DET picks are somewhat stronger than the rest on the #s basis but they all qualify. Some of those are big juice but some are big +s too, avgs out to -103 per game approx if that matters. Not to sound like every degen but I really believe 6 of these will hit, and at least 5 but of course only time will tell.


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What sports play was the most exciting play for you in your life?

Im curious as to people's biggest or most excitable sports moment theyve had while watching/betting/being a fan of pro sports. The play doesnt have to be one of the greatest plays ever, aka "the catch" or Bon Horrys shot, it just has to be a play that YOU got the most excited about. It could be because it was your favorite team or just cuz it was your biggest bet ever. Regardless there is no wrong or lame answer here cuz its what it meant TO YOU.

Mine was in 2000. I live in Southern California and I had gone up arounf June and bet $3000 on the Yankees to win the World Series at 7/2 odds. $3000 would win me $10,500. This was an absolutely ENORMOUS bet for me at the time, I was 23 yrs old. The Yankees had just swept a series in Boston and were 2 time defending champs and I just loved it. They Yankkes cruise the next few months and then just absolutely fucking tank in September, losing their last 7 and 18 of their last 21 games IIRC. I was fucking PANICKED and their first round opponenet was the WHITE HOT Oakland A's and the A's had homefield!!! The Yanks get down 1-0 in the best of 5 and ultimately come back and win a game 5 IN Oakland (when they dropped SIX runs on OAK in the top 1, so sweet).  Anyways, seattle in the ALCS, the Yanks get down 1-0 again but then reel off three straight and take a 3-1 lead after Clemens pitched the greatest game ive ever seen pitched, a 9inning 1hit 15K game and seattle had no shot. Anyways, seattle forces a game 6 in NY a... [More]


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