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Posted Tuesday, April 08, 2014 12:13 PM

ONE old MLB super bookie buster system I think i have here 92.8% current

OK boys here it is BET on any Team that lost 1st two games or 1st 3 games of series. like this L L  or L L L

Only loser was Bo Sox got broomed by Brew crew

13 Wins 1 LOSS

92.8%  YOUR fooking hated by every bookie; you r da man now

if you systems guys can back track to just last year i think we have a very simple system to use NO chasing here just wait for it to happen call it the After System

Here's your winners:
 most occurred on blood bath sunday the 6th it was dogs galore

1.) D Rays apr 3rd W

2.) NYY Apr 3rd W

3.) Cubbies Apr 3rd W

all these were on apr 6th
4.)CHI Sox W

5.)Balty O's W

6.)STROS   W

7.)Rangers W

8.)WASH Nats W

9.)CUBBIES  W  (2 times on 3rd also)


11.) REDS    W

12.) Dodgers   W

13.) D Backs W



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