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Posted Friday, October 26, 2012 02:28 PM

Week 8 NFL Teaser card bet

As of Thursday night Ticket  with Tampa win

I believe it is a 6 point teaser  card.
This ticket is an example of a print out from the self service Sports Betting kiosk, which you find in the Caribbean islands and on the cruise ships, and Hooters in las Vegas, Just insert the amount you want to bet select your teams and print it out, and wait for game day.  In this case I risk Just $ 5.00  to win $ 320.00.

No need for bookies

As this type of bet is a sports teaser card.  At the moment I am in the Caribbean, I once had a topic on this, now I am enclosing a ticket with it. 

these are my choices for week 8 , one win from Thursday night Tampa + 13.   Tampa win out right.

Posted Monday, September 24, 2012 06:12 PM

Green Bay Wins,,, Money line

Greg Jennings is back, and Gary Matthews on the defensive end,
 and has sacked the quarter backs 11 times just this past 2 games. I take Green Bay any time.  Tonight Gary Matthews will have an even easier quarter back to sack, since he is
A lot shorter than the 2 previous one.  Forcing the Seatle defense to show up more often,
 and wear them down, turn overs kills the defense, 
In turn keeping the offense, bench warming, their behind. 

Even though Aaron Rogers is 0 and 4 on Monday night games as visitors, and next week they face the Saints, Who knows which Packers will show up tonight.So I pass on the over or under,, perhaps one of the teams may not help contribute the points,

Green Bay wins   Got them for 250 units -3 points and 350 units money line earlier, ... [More]


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