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Posted Saturday, February 27, 2010 11:01 AM

Vegas Nationwide matchups

Nationwide YTD 3-2, +.80 unit

Have to leave to take my daughter to a class in Charlottesville in about half an hour, won't be back until like 4:30. So throwing out a couple pre-qualifying match ups this morning.

Edwards +150 over Kyle-tough to bet against Kyle, but like the value here as Edwards team appears back to running strong on a weekly basis and he looked good in practice.

Jason (more commonly known as Justin) Allgair -120 over Menard-glad to see The Greek taking a look at some of the young NW regulars, as the rest of the matchups are pretty stale. Maybe they'll even bother to learn their names. 12 team has looked good so far, improved the car in practice 2.

That's it for me. The lines are a bit out of whack without qualifying taking place yet. Would like to grab some Kesselowski at +130 over Vickers as a -155 fave, but it must have been a wild night in the islands as they have Kesselowski listed at +103.  Hopefully they can get their stuff together! GL to everyone today!

Posted Saturday, February 13, 2010 07:34 PM

Daytona 500 plays!

Alright, now that the NW race is under way, I'm going to go ahead and post my plays for tomorrow. Heading out of town for a Valentine's Day get away with the Mrs., then heading to a 500 party on the way home so probably no time to post. So for those interested, I'm on:

Kurt +130 over Kyle-Kurt is one of the most consistent plate racers, don't see how his bad luck can continue. Kyle is anything but consistent, so I'll take these big odds.

Bowyer -105 over Burt-Clint has a habit of finding a way to sneak into the fray at the end of these plate races, just like in the Duels. I look for him to have a better rebound season than Burton

J. Gordon +100 over Harvick-Happy has had a strong Speedweeks, but Jeffie has always been one of the best at Daytona and I like the even money.

Johnson -120 over Martin-his near miss in this race a few years ago not withstanding, Martin hates plate racing as he always seems to find trouble. I'll go with the 4 time champ.

And from weeks ago when odds first came out, I've got .20 unit on these two winners which have been bet down huge, these were bad odds for the Greek, hopefully good for me:;

Posted: 1/17/2010 9:40:42 PM
cripes, that didn't work at all. I'll see if I can fix it. But what I see is Kasey Kahne at +3500, and Greg Biffle at +4000. Locking those two in now, and I don't even be winners. It's plate racing, those guys run for decent teams and can hold the wheel in a straight line. Which... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 09, 2009 10:21 AM

Helluva Good matchups from The Glen

4-1 last week. YTD inched back to the good, 47-49 but down 8.2 units. Today is looking rainy again, light showers this morning and chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. And since every other series runs in the rain, the track has had to try to ship in jet dryers from around the East Coast so track drying could be an issue. But here's what I'm working with, whenever it is:   Stewart -135 over Kyle-Busch is in one of his cold spells, so I'll take one of the best at the left and right turns against him.   Hamlin +105 over Kurt-Denny is a nice road racer. First 3 trip's here were all top 10s. Kurt has only 1 trip to the top 10 in the last 4, although that was during his down period. Both looked pretty good in Happy Hour but I'll take the small dog.   Sadler +135 over Allmendinger-Elliott is a sneaky good road racer, and has been running a bit better lately. Dinger has been cranking out top 25s again as well, but I like the value here.   Martin +105 over Fellows-both these guys struggled to turn a fast lap in either practice. And Martin is no road course ace like Fellows, but knows his way around the layout and I'll take + odds on his championship caliber team against the ringer.   Harvick -105 over R. Gordon-Harvick is a decent road racer who has looked much better the last two weeks, and while Robby is very good he's such a disaster I will take my chances here against him as a favorite. Anybody who watched yesterday's race can underst... [More]

Posted Tuesday, September 02, 2008 09:54 PM

Week 2 CFB selections

Started off the year with a winning week, 3-2 plus .80 unit. nothing huge, but I'll take a winning week over a losing week any time. Not a big fan of this weeks card, and missed out on some key numbers on a few it looks like.
Minnesota (+6) @ Bowling Green-Teams went to OT last year, and both looked to be improved this year (well Gophers at least look to have improved the offense, D still a wreck). Falcons are in a sandwich spot, coming off the big win against Pitt and having a big road trip to Boise on deck (at least I would think that would be a game they'd be looking forward too). I'll take the points here as I expect this one to be tight.
Tulsa (-22) at North Texas-Tulsa didn't miss a beat with new QB Johnson, and I am looking for them to hang up about 50 on a North Texas D that lost it's top five tacklers from last year.
And just because two games isn't enough, we have the first junk play of the year with this moneyline parlay:
WVU/Texas Tech/Michigan 1st half- .9 unit risk to win 1.
I'll take a look at the totals, but might just go with this. Leaving for the NASCAR race in Richmond on Friday so I can sit in a hotel during the hurricane remnants it looks like, be we're going none the less. GL to everyone this week.


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