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Posted Sunday, July 17, 2011 10:07 PM

Monday ARZ-121

ARZ stays at home after winning 2 in a row from LAD. MIL must travel after their win. Both ARZ and MIL only have short streaks of wins and loses. Both teams are off 2 wins in a row. Good chance the winner of the first game (I'm picking ARZ) will lose the 2nd game of the series. Combining ARZ after a win and MIL after a win, starting a new series... ARZ is favored 20-11. Also, of MIL 2 wins in COL, one was because of a blown call at home plate. MIL is 17-31 on the road. ARZ 24-20 at home. Over the past 2 months MIL is 1-6 is first road games.


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