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Posted Thursday, February 09, 2012 11:43 AM

NBA Thursday - Number of points scored by player

Yo guys

I'm interested in yours opionion on how many points this players are gonna score in tonights games :

Bynum A.(-16,5+)-Bos-LAL

Evans T.(-18,5+)-Sac-Okl

Personaly I'm leaning towards over in both cases. Lets start with Bynum who is averaging 17.1 this season and shooting .564 from the field. He is great on the offensive glas with 3.3 OR PG and has scored 20 or more in the last five games Besides that Boston is 29th in rebounding in contrast of Lakers who rank 2nd. Personaly I dont think that KG and JO are quick and strong enough to defend him and fight him on the bords. Besides that he is well rested for this contest and should get big playing time enough for him to get the over.

Tyreke Evans is averaging 17.2 coming into this contest aigenst OKC who are leading the league in overal record. Evans is posting far better numbers playing in front of home crowd averaging almost 20 ppg on .435 FG% . Tonight he is in a machup with Russell Westbrook 6-3 PG vs whom he averaged 26 points in just two meetings last season. I belive that Evans should be able to score easily on Westbrook tonight using his size to drive to the hoop and lenght to shoot over him.

Now Id like to hear from you guys.

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