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Posted Tuesday, February 01, 2011 06:41 AM

1 Great Way to help YOU Make...

Outstanding bets on a daily bases is a fantasy game I play called ESPN Streak 4 Cash! Its FREE and has a progressive jackot each month if NOBODY reaches the threshold of W27 in a ROW. The reason I think that its a good game to brush up on ya betting skills is that the public opinion % by the matchups is the key to success... that is if you utilize those % in the right way. But anyway, I've been playing the game the last few yrs and have a somewhat of grasp to see when an UNDERDOG is barking in some of the daily matchups. I want you to join my
Password: please green me 

You DONT necessarily have to be a Buckeye fan but just offer your opinions on the matchups frequently and the like. I NEED talkers in my group because I have enough quiet ones to fill a small classroom as well as a few commentators. 

Thanks for reading my blog BOL on ya next plays 


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