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Posted Friday, March 23, 2012 06:30 PM

Former Colts stampede to Denver -- NOT !

Further on our immediate prediction ("Denver won't even win AFC West"):

Has anyone else noticed that the Payton-Manning-as-Moses story, leading a diaspora of former Colts stars to the promised land in Denver has, well, em, failed totally to materialize?

Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon signed with days of the Manning-ful Mystery Tour's launch, both in cities they knew were off his list when they did.

What's most notable is, they didn't even wait a few days to see where Payton was going.

Now, Jeff Saturday, courted by Denver and Green Bay....  goes to Green Bay, not to join Payton on Broncoland.

We've always regarded Payton Manning as a whining, narcissistic, carping guy who throws his own teammates under the bus. (One of dozens of clips plays over and over now on the NFL network.)

Those who doubt this view are entitled to their opinion, but evidently, it's one not shared by those who know Payton Manning best.

The Colts are voting with their feet to confirm our view -- that stampede you hear isn't towards reuniting with Mr. Regular Season...  it's away. 

Posted Friday, March 23, 2012 01:27 AM

Bountygate: No, the coverup wasn't worse

"For the Saints, the coverup was worse than the bounty program."

Press types, who haven't had an investigative coup since Watergate, love to say things like that.  But is it really true?

It's bad to lie about something, to be sure.  But what's worse...  lying about trying to hurt someone, or trying to hurt someone?

If I were the one being targeted by a 300-pound monster, I'll tell you honestly, I'd rather he tell a lie than try to rip my head off.

So, yah, covering up the bounty program after 2009 was bad; lying about it even in recent months was bad too.

But the worst thing was continuing the program, and starting it in the first place.  

Sports commentators love to say things like "the cover up was worse" because it's a time-worn truism that doesn't require any work.

Their laziness is a bad thing too.

Yet it's hardly the worst thing they do.


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