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Posted Sunday, December 09, 2012 04:41 AM

Heisma-NFL-BA predix: a potpourri

a colleague and i are going head to head on the following:

1. NFC North / 59 - Packers SB - Packers

Comment: Preseason, 59 had the Bears, but with a heavy caveat on their aging defense.  So far, it's the Packer d that has spent more time in the whirlpool, but suddenly Chicago's Medicare ward is catching up.  Gotta like GB the rest of the way, especially with the Bears on the road 3/4.

2. Heisman / 59 - Johnny Manzell SB - M. Teo

Don't get us wrong; we think Teo is the right choice.  But the sportswriters and jocksniff chattering class love a QB. 

3. NFC East / 59 - Giants SB - Redskins

The Giants are the anti-Cowboys, coming through when they need to and sluffing off when they can afford it.  Somehow, we think they'll pull a 3-1 to match the Redskins, who will lose one somewhere. 

4, Texans at Pats / 59 - Pats SB - Texans (s.u.)

No strong conviction on this one, even on the moneyline.  When in doubt, go with the home team (Pats), especially if there's cold vs. dome implications working in someone's favor (Pats), not to mention the better QB (Pats), and the smarter coach (yah, Pats.) 

5. NBA  champ / 59 - Grizzlies SB - Thunder

Both respectable bets, likely to hinge importantly on Zach Randolph's injury-prone knees and ankles, and on Westbrook's development as a point guard.  We're skeptical of the latter. 

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