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Posted Thursday, January 03, 2013 06:28 PM

Kansas St, Texas A&M, Notre Dame

We don't do a lot of college football...  but our friend Irisheyez encouraged us to pick a few, and we did -- winning two 5-unit games, and losing one 3-unit game.

So, feeling full of ourselves, here are brief notes on our one remaining pick (Notre Dame), and two new ones (

(Acknowledgement should be added for our friend Colin Cowher, one of the better sports journalists at picking games, pro and college. Thanks, CC.) 

Texas A & M -3 vs. Oklahoma -- A & M may be under-rated, despite the Heisman hoopla, especially after the SEC's relatively weak bowl performance so far.  They were playing some of the best football in the land at the end of the year, not just against Alabama.  And it's Oklahoma -- not great in recent bowl games. 

If in doubt, we go -- especially in a bowl game -- with the more talented coaching staff and quarterback, who, by their nature, can scheme better during the long prep time, and adjust better during the game.  A & M minus only 3 points is a bargain.

Kansas State +8 vs. Oregon.  Oregon's coach is almost certainly leaving for the pros.  No matter what is said, it's a distraction.  Oregon also does relatively poorly in recent bowls and against post-bye-week opponents... 

That long preparation period is a killer for Oregon, allowing well-coached K State plenty of time to work on its assignments against what is, admittedly, a fast and talented offen... [More]

Posted Thursday, December 20, 2012 02:41 AM

Two more bowl picks

1. Cincinnati -7 vs. Duke

2, Florida -13 vs. Louisville

Posted Sunday, December 09, 2012 04:44 AM

3 bowl picks

College football, not our cheeze, but IrishEyez asked, so here are three games we like:

3. Florida State -11 vs. NIU. 

2. Georgia -7 vs. Nebraska.

1. Notre Dame vs. Alabama.  They're +10, but we kind of like the moneyline.


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