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Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2012 08:11 PM   0 comments
NFL Power Rankings -- our top 10 responses
Current Rank Last Week Change Team W-L-T
(ATS) Power Rating Team Comments 1 2 move up in rankings1 11-3-0
(8-6-0) -7.5 Denver
Nine straight wins, all by a TD or more. A defense that's starting to dominate games. A balanced attack that's scored 30-plus nine times this year. Yep, Denver is No. 1.  Comment:  Hard to say given weak division.  Might be #1, but hard to know that.
2 1 move down in rankings1 10-4-0
(8-6-0) -7.0 New England
The Patriots offense will get even more dangerous if Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski can return to the lineup this week following a four-game absence.  Gronk not just a plus, but essential for Pats.  Coaching puts them up at #2 or even #1.  
3 3 no change in rankings 10-3-1
(9-5-0) -6.5 San Francisco
The Niners looked like the best team in football for more than a half against New England, then bumbled away a four-TD lead in less than a quarter.  Better against teams like GB, NE that are more in love with the pass.  Houston, the Giants -- other physical teams -- more difficult for SF.  Seattle will be a great test.
4 5 move up in rankings1 12-2-0
(9-5-0) -6.0 Houston
The Texans settled for six field goal attempts against a suspect Indy defense, and achieved their double-digit margin via a blocked punt for a touchdown.  This year's version of last year's 49ers... just a little short, somewhere.  The defense doesn't perform against premium passing games.
5 6 move up in rankings1 12-2-0
(8-5-1) -5.5 Atlanta
The Falcons stuffed the Giants in scoring position on fourth-and-one, fourth-and-one and fourth-and-two - all in the first half, turning a close game into a rout.  Talent is there, but lacking in mental toughness. Solid coaching but not brilliant, hence the Falcons won't get past teams like GB or SF when they inevitably see one of them in the playoffs.
6 4 move down in rankings2 8-6-0
(6-7-1) -5.5 N.Y. Giants
After getting annihilated at Atlanta, the Giants are now one of five 8-6 NFC teams trying to make the playoffs. Only two of those teams are likely to get in.  Falcons loss very troubling -- it's just the sort of opponent the Giants rallied and crushed earlier (Packers, 49ers, e.g.)
7 7 no change in rankings 10-4-0
(8-6-0) -5.0 Green Bay
Without a steady running game and facing constant pressure behind a suspect o-line, Aaron Rodgers truly deserved an A+ for his division-clinching effort at Chicago.  Running game has actually improved, as has patchwork o-line. Should be 4th or 5th.
8 8 no change in rankings 9-5-0
(10-4-0) -4.5 Seattle
Back-to-back 50-point games and an elite-level defense. Of the three playoff contenders with rookie QBs, Russell Wilson's got the best talent surrounding him.  Balanced, young, tough.  A true contender. Not saying we'd rank them higher, but we believe in a playoff matchup with say the Falcons or Giants, we could see a Seahawk win.
9 12 move up in rankings3 8-6-0
(9-5-0) -3.5 Washington
Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett is making great halftime adjustments. Washington has held each of their last three foes to a single score after the break.  Astute observation.
10 11 move up in rankings1 8-6-0
(6-8-0) -3.0 Dallas
Jason Garrett's squad is playing clutch football in tight games. Each of their last four victories have come by a margin of five points or less.  Which is why we have a hard time buying in.  We see Dallas as the team that won't have a chair when the NFC East music stops.
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