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Posted Saturday, January 31, 2009 11:53 AM

Gippers Notre Dame - Pitt Play (23-11-1 ND plays ty)

Notre Dame Sides  8-4
Notre Dame Totals   8-4
Notre Dame Halves  7-3-1
Way to many points today guys.  Notre Dame is a desperate bunch who is not as bad as thier record.  (Anyone else out there play 6 top ten teams yet this year???)  Notre Dame is going to come out and Mollywop someone soon, I don't think that day is today as rebounding will once again be the difference but the Irish keep it within the number.
                                 Notre Dame  68   Pitt   72
Notre Dame first half as well

Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2008 10:31 PM

Early thoughts on George Mason

 Pick on game will come thursday.  Counting First Halves I have hit 8 of my last 9 Notre Dame Picks.  (Have not done well with totals at all)  So check back...   early thoughts on Cinderella  

A few early notes on George Mason:

1) They don't shoot the three well- All Irish fans are aware that if a team has shooting woes, nothing cures it like playing Notre Dame's perimeter defense, but the Patriots are spotty from behind the arc.  They clock in at 35.3%, good for 157th in the country, although Folarin Campbell and Dre Smith are both right around 38%, with the added bonus of being upperclassmen with an awareness of what good and bad shots are.  

2) They're small- Other than senior standout Will Thomas, no Patriot playing major minutes is taller than 6' 7".  I'm a believer that you need strong guard play in the tournament to do well, which they have, but I'm glad there's no seven foot golem of doom waiting to devour Harangody on the inside.

3) The are going to have to box out- While the Patriots aren't large, they can take care of business on the boards when necessary.  The games they got crushed they didn't rebound at all but  they beat Dayton and Kansas State by collecting nearly forty percent of their missed shots.  Between Notre Dame's ability to give up a bunch of offensive rebounds and their tendency to have lulls of apathetic play, that'll be where the Patriots assert themselves. <... [More]


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