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Posted Saturday, January 11, 2014 11:46 AM


UNC is one of the worst 3 point shooting teams in the country.  Gonna have to try to get inside of the Cuse Zone to score.  Also gonna have to man up on Defense and play their tails off if they have any chance in this game.

Don't see a high scoring game here.  

Going with the UNDER 137.


Also Like Notre Dame -1.5 and Duke -5.

Posted Saturday, January 04, 2014 05:05 PM


Why do people continue to talk so much CHIT on this forum?  You gamble, you get to bet MONEY.  MONEY TALKS, if you're up, there's no need to smack your gums.  If you're down, you've already took the ass whooping, why keep running your mouth.

Half the donkeys on here don't have over 20 bucks on game, but wanna talk chit all day.  Just put your money out there and shut the hell up.  That, or actually give some insights to a freaking game.

We all should be working together.  Instead, people trying to be touts and John Fing Anthony.


Posted Saturday, January 04, 2014 10:45 AM

Vandy QB

Well, I was leaning Houston, but after seeing all of the Houston love on here this morning I am going with Vandy -3.
Does everyone realize he started 2 games this season?  And even when he wasn't starting he was rotating in as Vandy was using a two QB system.
The kid is 6'4" and is somewhat of dual thret as he has rushed for a TD in 6 games this season.  He played high school ball for a team that won 3-4 state championships while he was there and is a winner.  
Vandy is probably one of the most disciplined teams in College Football.  There won't be any let down with them, and they'll come out firing today.  
Franklin's name is all over the place for other coaching jobs.  If he really is looking, then you can look at this game as an interview for those jobs.  Everyone will be watching.
Vandy also has a pretty good D coordinator in Shoop.  Look for him to have a few things up his leave for Houston's FRESHMAN QB (everyone on Houston b/c Vandy has a frosh QB, not realizing Houston does too, and at this point in the year, Freshman really doesn't mean anything as they all have game experience at the top college level.)
Anyway, was leaning Houston, but going with the good ole Covers Fade.......
Vandy -3 (even)
BOL ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, January 01, 2014 11:46 AM

North Texas - UNLV - OVER

Everyone looking at the big games today.  I like Wisconsin at 1pm.  The LSU and Georgia lines are just fishy as hell!  Iowa defense should play tough, especially with Mettenberger out.  Georgia could go either way.  I may play the under there.

But looking at the North Texas - UNLV game and I just think this total is too low.  

UNLV's defense BLOWS.  7 times this year they have given up over 440 yards.  They allow 5.2 ypc and 32 points per game.  I know they have played some decent offenses, but you gotta like North Texas to be in at least the mid 30's.  They average 32 per game, run it and throw it well.  

Not a super long write up here, but I just think 54 is on the low end.  This game has more of a 35-28 type of feel, than it does a 28-21.


Posted Friday, December 27, 2013 09:07 AM

Maryland +3

Heading up to French Lick with my dad in about 20 and don't have much time for a write up.

Taking the same angle as Oregon State and Pitt games in that Maryland has just faced tougher teams this year.

Both teams on the year are right at allowing 3.7 ypc.  However, Maryland faced some pretty good rushing teams.

They both played VaTech, Maryland held them to 1.4 ypc and Marshall 3.8.  Maryland held FIU to 171 total yards of offense while Marshall was 262.

Both of the teams had some disappointing losses Marshall to Ohio and MTSU.  Maryland to Wake and Syracuse.

When Maryland lost, it was because they could not run the ball.  When Marshall lost it was because they couldn't stop their opponent.

I think Maryland establishes the run today, and I will take the points.


Posted Thursday, December 26, 2013 05:51 PM


No need for some fancy title/heading.  I usually use pretty straight up numbers and it seems that most people don't like to talk those on this forum.   Here are a few reasons for my plays tonight.
PITT + 7  - Bowling Green seemed to be the sexy pick when the lines opened, and it seems to have stayed that way as it has now moved to 7 points.  How does anyone not feel good get a TD from a team coming out of the ACC (playing teams like ND, Miami, FSU, UNC) vs. a MAC team coming in with some public love after knocking off NIU (I actually had a write up on BG that night).  
Bowling Greens looks to put up some good numbers.  They scored a lot of points and shut some teams down, but when you look close, they don't look that good.  They average 4.9 ypc, good, but not great coming out of the MAC (for example, NIU averages 6.6).  But the biggest red flag is that they give up 4.3 ypc.  That is not a sign of a very good defense (especially coming out of the MAC).  
Pitt is not a great team and I don't have numbers that will blow you away with them either.  But check this one stat..... In Pitt's 6 wins, the teams they beat had a combined win total of 36.  In Bowling Greens 9 regular season wins their opponents had a combined win total of 31.  Pitt beat some better teams.
BG may win tonight...... but I will take the points.

I see some love coming in for Utah State, and I was even thi... [More]

Posted Tuesday, December 24, 2013 12:03 PM

BSU/OSU Total Play

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone.  
This game has too many question marks for me to take a side.  There are reasons I could bet either team.  I originally like Boise, and then they kick off their QB.  As a coach, you don't kick a player off and send him home if you are not sure he did it.  As a player, I'd throw a fit to my coach if I was innocent.  If I'm a coach, and have a 5th year senior throwing a fit claiming foul then I'd be double checking everything and my mother before sending him home.  You gotta think he did something.  On the other hand, the back up is just as adequate, and I'd still like to take Boise, but with the loss of a HC, what type of bowl prep did they have?  How focused is the team?  Questions that keep me from betting them on one hand, and betting against them on the other.
When trying to pick a side, there are factors that go to both teams.  However, I do agree that this should be a high scoring game, and I am going to make a decent play on the over.  
Oregon airs the freak out of the ball.  They throw the ball 50 times per game.  Which is about 15 more times per game than BSU is used to seeing.  As well, Boise cannot stop the pass.  They allow teams to complete over 64% and they were torched by teams with a decent passing game (Washington, Fresno, BYU, and CSU).  Oregon has gone through a rough stretch, but that was against the top tier of the Pac 12.  E... [More]

Posted Monday, December 23, 2013 09:49 AM

ECU and the Over

I like these two plays today.  There are a couple things that really keep me from just picking one and unloading.  However, I don't see a way to lose both of these plays.  
Everyone is talking about ECU's ability to throw the football and Ohio's inability to stop it.  I totally that Ohio would struggle against someone who airs it out 30-40 times a game.  Ohio's defense on average faced 28 passing attempts per game, while ECU airs it out 40 times a game.  However, the ability to stop the pass is not what is going to destroy Ohio, the downfall of Ohio is that they cannot stop the run.  They've allowed 4.4 ypc this season and did nothing to stop BG, Kent St, EMU, or Buffalo.  ECU should be able to throw the ball, but if they can establish a run game today, they will be unstoppable.  
I hate unloading on double digit favs in bowl games.  Everyone talking about Ohio motivated to prove people that they deserve to be here, and ECU is unmotivated as they lost to Marshall.  Tell me how if Ohio was not motivated to play Buff, BG and KentSt to earn a bowl victory, how they all of the sudden are going to be motivated to play in the bowl?
This game is indoors, Ohio hasn't stopped a spread team all year.  Maybe they keep this close and put up some points (ECU doesn't have a stellar D).  But I don't think so.
There is only one way this game goes under, and that's if ECU wins in the range of 42-14 or something of th... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 07, 2013 03:02 PM


Offense sells the tickets, Defense wins the championships.
I started to break this game down thinking I was going to unload on Auburn.  However, after looking at the numbers, it is obvious the the play is the Tigers....... it is just that it is the black and gold tigers.  
If you look at my Rice/Marshall write up from earlier, you will see that you don't bet a team because they have a better offense.......but you do bet a team because they have a better defense.  There is no doubt that both of these teams can move and score the football, but this game is going to come down to who can make the stops.
I first looked at their conference stats.  Auburn averages 5.7 YPC and Mizzou 5.3. This is a SLIGHT advantage.  Auburn averages 461 yards per game, Mizzou is 460.  Consider the fact that Mizzou was without Franklin for a stretch and I think these numbers actually favor Mizzou.  
The defenses stats are night and day.  Auburn gives up 458 yards per game while Mizzou is 379.  The biggest stat of all.  Auburn allows 4.7 YPC and Mizzou is 3.5.  4.7 doesn't stop anyone.... 3.5 is a sign of a pretty good defense.
After first looking at these numbers, I was still trying to bet Auburn.  I thought.  Well Auburn is in the SEC West (BAMA/LSU/A&M) while Mizzou is in the east.  So naturally Mizzou's defense is going to put up better numbers.  Well, take a look at their common opponents.  I will gi... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 07, 2013 09:59 AM

Rice +7

Had a nice little hit on BG last night.... wish I woulda had the balls to take the ML, but oh well.
Thinking the same may happen with Rice today.  But I'll take the points.
I am not going into some super lengthy write up.  Number one, most people are just here to bash.  2nd, people don't really like to listen to reason anyway.
So here are a few reason I'm going with the owls.
First off, you gotta love having a Conference Championship game at Home.  Rice's average home score is 31-12, while Marshall's average away score is 36-30 (I know they played VATech on the road, but this is nowhere near their averages at home of 53-13).  
Looking at the offenses.  Marshall clearly has the advantage in yards per game.  But you don't bet a team because they have a better offense.  Either they can move the ball or they can't.  Rice has an offense that can put up points, and run the ball.  Marshall does have a better offense, but that's why we're getting 7 points!  If you look at their home/away averages this is much closer..... Marshall 471 ypg with 4.3 ypc on the road, Rice 411 ypg and 4.5 ypc at home.  Looking at these numbers Rice actually has the advantage.
Looking at the defenses, Rice has the edge here.  In conference they are giving up about 70 yards per game less, but the big difference is with First Downs.  In conference, Marshall is allowing 21+ FD's per game (a pretty high number).  Rice ... [More]

Posted Saturday, November 30, 2013 08:53 AM


Woulda went 6-1 yesterday on leans/plays but only ended up going 2-1 on games I actually had money on.  Trying to get an early start on the games.  I haven't looked at a thing yet other than lines.  This is my initial reaction after looking at stats for 4-5 minutes on each game.  I would look much closer before pulling the trigger.  
If anyone has anything to add, any quality information is greatly appreciated.
Rutgers @ UCONN +3 - My initial thought was UCONN sucks, Rutgers is playing for a bowl game, this could be the play of the year with a line this short.  Upon looking at scores alone, I see why it is a short line.  After starting strong, Rutgers has been a disappointment.  While UC looks to have righted the ship with a big win against Temple last week (anytime you get your 1st win of the season, it is big.)  So I'm thinking, scare line, fishy, stay away.  However, after looking at the stat lines, UC still sucks.  They only had 235 yards against Temple.  I am gonna have to go back and see how they won that game.  UCONN can NOT run the ball to save their lives.  If anything, I'd have to put my money on Rutgers.  But this may be a no play.  Gonna definitely have to look deeper here, and that's only if I cannot find something else early that I like.  Leaning Rutgers, but may be a stay away.  The only thing that keeps me leaning is Rutgers playing for a bowl game.  Anyone loc... [More]

Posted Friday, November 29, 2013 09:07 AM

Nebraska/Iowa U48

I coach HS football, and since we were in the middle of a great season, I didn't have much time to post or get too deep in NCAAF as in years past.  Season officially over and have some time to post and get some discussion started.  I nailed the under last night in the Egg Bowl.  Like the under today's early game.
Obviously we have a low number of 48.  I hate betting unders LARGE, as all it takes are a few turnovers or OT to dick you, so I'm making a small play here.
There are two big stats that I look at when capping NCAAF, rushing YPC (both on offense and defense) and First Downs (both offensively and defensively).  Can a team run the ball, and can they move the chains?  Can a team stop the run and do they force punts.
Cornhuskers are a little better at moving the ball 5.1ypc per year compared to 4.4.  But Iowa is much better at stopping the run 3.6 yards allowed per carry compared to Nebraska's 4.0.  
With the injury to Martinez, Nebraska has really struggled to move the ball through the air.  Iowa's defense has been stellar lately.  They did give up some yardage to OSU and Wisky (but who doesn't).  They absolutely put the clamps down on everyone else, and haven't give up more than 15 FD's in their past 3 games.
Iowa's offense really hasn't looked great against anyone.  MSU, NW and Wisky absolutely shut them down, and Nebraska's defense has been just as dominate.
With all of that being said.  ... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 29, 2012 11:02 AM


I see alot of people on the under (and I'm sure there are quite a few on the over here as well).  But every time I see an under backer their reasoning for the under is that AF runs the football.

This game does not come down to AF running the football and forcing the under.  This game comes down to, do you think AF will have success running the football.  If you don't think they will have success against Rice's swiss cheese defense, then take the under.  But if you believe AF will be able to move the ball, then you must take the over.

I just looked at three AF games this year in which they had success moving the ball.  Take a look at the game, and then LENGTH of the TOUCHDOWN drives.

Nevada - 48-31 - 6 TD Drives
9 plays 75 yards 2:55
8 plays 95 yards 2:42
9 plays 65 yards 3:07
6 plays 83 yards 1:56
15 plays 75 yards 5:28
14 plays 73 yards 5:24
average 10 plays 77 yards 3:17

UNLV - 35-38 - 5 TD Drives
average 6 plays 51 yards 2:08

Colorado State - 42-21 - 6 TD Drives
average 7 plays 69 yards 2:45

They run the piss out of the ball.... but they drive the length of the field in under 3 minutes!

I like it when people play certain angles.... but the running the ball angle is not the one that will determine the under!

So really, this has NOTHING to do with running the football, and this game comes down to what every other game comes down to.  Will the defenses be able ... [More]

Posted Friday, December 21, 2012 07:12 PM

2 First Half Props

See alot of love on Ball State.  I was leaning that way, but their defense swayed me to just playing the over.

I do like two first half props.

BALL STATE O 13 $115/$100

Score in the first 6 mins $75/$50


Posted Thursday, December 20, 2012 06:07 PM

BYU - Defensive Angle

I will start of by saying that both of these teams are well coaches, disciplined and it should be a good game tonight.  I don't see how anyone would call this their game of the year, or top bowl game pick.  Hell, on ESPN's bowl mania where all you have to do is pick a winner, the average confidence in this game is 6 (with 35 being the high and 1 being the low).

I believe that BYU has the much superior defense.  SEVEN times this year they have allowed a team to score only 2 TD's or less.  They are monsters against the run, allowing only 2.7 ypc, and they are lights out nasty.  The take pride in defense and they bring the funk every chance they get. 

When looking at bowl games, the one thing that teams can shut down when they have time to prepare is the run game.  That's why teams such as GT, AF, etc, lose all advantage when teams have weeks to prepare.  I think BYU's defense is so stout, that with time to prepare San Diego State loses any advantage that they may have had with their run game, and I think they get smashed in the face tonight.

BYU has allowed over 400 yards of offense only once this season, and they have held teams under 300 9 out of 13 games.

I like San Diego State, think they are a good team, but they drew the wrong team for tonight's game.  BYU's defense shows up, and they win this game.

BYU -3


Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2012 06:20 PM

Three Plays Tonight

Been hitting pretty consistently on college basketball as we transfer over from football.  Like 3 plays tonight.

Kansas -14
- think Richmond's record is making this line shorter than it should be.  They have been blown out of two road games against must less quality of an opponent.  Kansas is tough at home, and have shown that they won't let off the gas.  Richmond is gonna have a tough time staying in this one.  I also liked the over when I first looked at this....... but a 75 - (under 60) final score is definitely possible in this one and won't bode well for the over 136.5 backers.  So I stayed away from the total.

ODU +8.5
ODU has been horrible when it come to actually winning.  However, they have played tough close games, and really only been blown out once.  They are fighting, and have their conference to look forward to.  Charleston looked good at the beginning of the year, but they should have had a bounce back game after getting routed by UL, and instead they lost at home to a D2 school.  I like the points here.

Southern Miss -3
- showed what they have by planing Arizona tough on the road.  You hate to play the common oppenents angle.  But GState got routed by LaTech, and Southern Miss played them tight all game.  Like the road fav here.


Posted Saturday, December 08, 2012 12:25 PM

Army +7 for one reason

Guys,  I normally go into a long break down of each game that I play (normally 3-4 a Saturday), but with the schedule that these two teams play, and the different types of offenses and defenses they play each week it is tough to get a good read.

I am playing Army for one reason today, and that's because the one time they faced an offense similar to Navy's they held Air Force to 104 yards rushing and a measly average of 2.4 ypc.

I know all 3 service academies run different versions of the triple option, and AF is the most different of them all.  Stoping AF doesn't not mean they stop Navy...... but they do have the potential to do it.  Army's struggles this year have been on defense, not offense. So if their defense steps up today they have a shot at winning SU.

Army returns a ton of guys with playing experience and starters from last years team, which I read somewhere else that it does not happen that often (can't verify that, just read it).  They know how close they were last year, and I think this one is a close one again this year.

ARMY + 7


Posted Monday, December 03, 2012 07:38 PM

Where's the Covers $$$

I see some guys calling for a covers bloodbath when the Skins cover tonight.  I just opened the first 15 post on this forum and it as 5 Giants 10 Redskins (with several of the Skins picks being ML picks).

I know I read an article of the Sharp $$$ being on the Skins, but I see alot of covers bro's on them too.

I took the Giants earlier today -3 -105.... Thinking of loading up.  People calling for a Skins upset.... Giant's have been hearing the smack talk about how the last game was "GIVEN" to them. 

I just think the Giants got away with winning the last game, they make the corrections and this one doesn't need a last second TD to cover.


Posted Saturday, December 01, 2012 04:10 PM

Nebraska -3

In my years of capping (I'm only 32 and been on it since college) there have been a few things to hold true.  One of those is that when everyone is on a Dog, the Dog usually isn't the play.  I see alot of love for Wisconsin - Phil Steele, Lou Holtz, Robert Smith, and several other ESPN commentators.  I love the dogs, but when everyone is on them it's usually not a good sign.

I like Nebraska here for a couple of reasons.  For starters, they have a HUGE advantage at the QB position.  Martinez is the most efficient QB in the B10 and Wisconsin is down to their 3rd QB.  This will leave the Cornhuskers to play the Badgers alot like OU played TCU today, and dare the QB to beat them.  He's throwing at a 50% clip and only averages 6.0 ypa, so if Wisky beats them with him airing it out, them more power to them.

Nebraska has struggled with stopping the run in some games, but they have faired very well against teams that line up in a pro style offense and come right at you.  They held the Badgers to 56 yards on 41 carries in the 1st game, and they should have success tonight.

Wisconsin did have a big lead in the 1st game.  But that was only because everything went their way early.  A Nebraksa fumble and short field led to their 1st TD.  Big pass lead to their 2nd TD.  Roughing the kicker led to another Big Pass for their 3rd TD. A sack/fumble recovery on the 10 yard line led to their 4th TD.  And the ne... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 01, 2012 11:50 AM

OU -6

Sitting here with two little ones this morning.... so don't have a bunch of time for a write up since we're 15 mins before KO.  However, I really like OU in this spot.  Not gonna throw a ton of stats at you.... just a few reasons for the pick.

TCU has struggled at home this year....... who knows why, may be coincidential, but it proves there is really no huge homefield advantage and teams don't fear going to TCU.

OU is still playing for a conference championship.  In their eyes Texas has a shot to knock off KState tonight and give them the outright B12.

TCU has become one dimensional in the past few weeks.  They don't throw the ball well, and I expect OU's defense to capitalize on this.  Texas' D did well to shut them down as well.... but Texas O, in the middle of a QB controversy couldn't produce.

TCU has been great against the RUN, but not so much against the pass.  OU can air it out and they will today.

Alot of public TCU love since their days of being BCS busters.  Beating Texas was way up on their list.  I am sure beating OU is too, but it is TEXAS Christian........ OU's offense has the power to do what Texas' didn't.

Pretty much this games boils down to OU's offense, the fact that they still have something to play for, and I believe the put up the points necessary to cover here.

Nothing is certain.... but I like the play.


... [More]

Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 03:20 PM

Kent State - Write Up

When I first looked at this game, and I think just the NIU hype of their QB Lynch (who is a beast BTW), this line of -7 seems about right.

I do like Kent State, and for a couple of reasons.

I think it is pretty obvious that this game is going to come down to RUNNING THE FOOTBALL, and on that line....these two teams are pretty even.

Even though NIU has the advantage on Offensive and Defensive yards per game, these teams are not that far off.  If you look at MAC games along.

Kent State averages 43 rushes per game for 264 yards.
NIU averages 46 rushes per game for 265 yards.

Defensively when it comes to stopping the run.

Kent State defenses averages 33/110 3.3 ypc
NIU defense averages 36/108 3.0 ypc

Both of these teams can run the football and both of them have been able to stop the run.

NIU does have an advantage throwing the ball.  And when I first looked at it, I was going to stay away from this game.  But two things stuck out to me.

When NIU played Army, a team they know was going to run the ball, Army averaged 5.7 ypc and scored 40.  As well, both Ball State and CMU had success running the ball against NIU both averaging over 4 yards per clip.

And the last thing that stands out that makes Kent State the play.  When Kent State faced the monstrous Rutgers defense (and we all saw them against the run last night).  Kent State still went off for 50 carries at over 4 yards p... [More]

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2012 06:07 PM

Ball State - Cleveland State

Anyone have any solid information on this game?

Books seem to be off on Ball State as they have yet to cover.  However this is not the Cleveland State that we are accustomed to either.

Having a hard time just wondering if Ball State is the play here as the books know Cleveland State is getting all kinds of love based off of past experience.

What I do know..... and anything else added would be appreciated.

Ball Stats has a JR/SR starting 5 that averages 3 players in DD.

Cleveland State starts 4 sophomores and 1 sr.

Looks like Ball State has a definite size advantage both front court and backcourt.

Cleveland State is definitely shooting better 44% v 37% 2pt FG's and 38% to 24% 3pt fgs.

I don't know...... I hate to spend time on a game and then not make a play.

If I had 2 I'd probably take the points at home.

Just wondering if anyone else out there has any insight on this game.


BTW - love Kent State +4 and gonna make a small play on OSU +5.5

Posted Saturday, November 24, 2012 11:09 AM

Wisconsin +2

No need for a 2 page write up.  I have great respect for Penn State and am as surprised as anyone on what they have done this season. 

I like this play and here's the main reason/angle.

Wisconsin can RUN THE FOOTBALL.  PSU has a great defense, but they lost against the two B10 teams that run the ball 40+ times per game.  Nebraska went 57-267 and OSU went 53-235.  Wisconsin will run the football 45+ times today and it will wear PSU out.

Expect a great game.  But I'll take the Badgers.



Posted Saturday, November 24, 2012 10:50 AM


I'll start off by saying I've been running pretty good this season.  No need in throwing some fake record out there, b/c I haven't keep track.  Who cares really!  I'm an SEC homer, and I before placing a bet, I could care less who wins the game.  I have respect for Urban Meyer and mutual respect for Brady Hoke, it doesn't help my team regardless of who wins.

When looking at this game it is pretty even in paper.  For the sake of typing, I will give OSU stats first and then UM stats second.  In B10 conference games this year:

Offense 427/395
YPC 5.4/4.9
Pass Completion 53%/54%

Defense 352/284
YPC 3.3/3.5
Pass Completion 56%/60%

These are three stats I look at every game, focusing in big time on YPC as running and stopping the run are two key factors in winning games.

When looking at these two teams, the look almost Identical on paper.  The one big difference I see is that Michigan has been able to put teams away, while OSU has let some teams hang around.  Even giving up the last second TD to Wisky will make OSU fans nervous at the end of this one if it's close and UM has the ball.

There are several other factors, and several other angles you can take.  Both teams have excellent defenses, they can both run the football, and they will both be up for this game like no other.

With all of that being said, I'll take the points and the better defense (a la ASU last night).  A... [More]

Posted Friday, November 23, 2012 08:34 AM

Syracuse - 7

I like Syracuse in this spot today.  I played for Coach Marrone the one year he was at Tennessee and he is a best of a coach.  A Syracuse alum and totally turning that program around.  They are NOT the same team they were at the beginning of the season.

Temple has struggled against all decent BE teams.  In 3 out of their last 4 they have averaged less than 4 ypc while giving up over 5.5 ypc.  If they can't stop the Syracuse run, they are going to have big issues today as Cuse is a threat to opening it up and go downfield.

Cuse defense is not what it will be in a couple years, but they play balls out and get after it.  They held Pitt, Uconn, Louisville, Rutgers and then Mizzou (last week) to all under 3 ypc, and I see them doing the same against Temple today.

Syracuse showed me a lot last week by winning on the road in a non conference game in which they were not expected to do much.  I know Missouri is not a juggernaut, but it shows that Syracuse doesn't need something to play for to go out and get after it.

Nothing is certain, and this could be a close game early.  But I'm going with Syracuse -7.


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