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Posted Tuesday, May 22, 2012 09:55 AM

Kobe will not tie Jordan's 6 rings...........

and no, he won't exceed it either.

he'll be 34 in three mos.  that's a lot of mileage with 16 years in the league and 7 deep playoff runs (5 rings and 2 runner ups).

he's in phenomenal shape but mother nature will make him lose a quarter step in the next year and then the downhill drop will be pretty quick every year thereafter

they need to make wholesale changes in personnel and it means giving up a guy like Gasol

Odom, the lengthy 6th man helped them a lot, they really missed him

by the time they get all the pieces, Kobe will be 36 or 37, maybe older

Phil Jackson nor Pat Riley are walkin' through the door

and Dwight Howard is not coming

Kobe's window is closing very quickly, and maybe too far closed to re-open


Posted Monday, April 25, 2011 07:44 AM

Hawks-Magic winner will beat the Bulls

the Magic don't look that impressive right now but that's because of the matchup problems vs the Hawks.  maybe van gundy can figure something out.  either way, the winner of this series will most likely beat the Bulls.  i actually like the Hawks chances to beat the Bulls even better than the Magic's, but both of those teams have a better than 50% chance, even without home court advantage, to beat the bulls

write it down and remember me when it happens 


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