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Posted Saturday, September 14, 2013 02:03 AM

GW Week 3 ...

Week 1 - 4-2

Week 2 - 5-2

Composite: 9-4; +5.5U

Week 3:

UCLA +4.5 over Nebraska - 1U

Bama – 8 over aTm - 2U 

Buff – 11.5 over Stony Brook - 1U  

ULL – 24.5 over Nicholls St. 1U 

Auburn  – 6 over Miss. St. – 1U 

Zona/UTSA – over 65 - 1U 

Wisco /ASU over 53 – 1U 


This is officially my last big chalk weekend, though I love the chalk early in the season!  ... BOL


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Posted Friday, September 06, 2013 02:16 AM

GW Week 2

Week 1 Record: 4-2; +1.7U


Week 2:

Texas -7 over BYU 1U

Sam Houston St. +38.5 vs Texas A&M 1U

Auburn -11 over Arkansas St. 1U

Wazzou +16 over USC 2U

LSU/UAB Under 62.5 1U

Navy/Indiana over 68 1U            

Oregon/Virginia over 61 1U

 BOL to all ....


Posted Friday, August 16, 2013 11:50 AM

GW Week 1

1) Maryland - 19 1/2 over FIU - 1U

2) Arkansas -11 over ULL - 1U

3) Alabama -18 1/2 over VaTech - 2U

4) Auburn - 14 1/2  over Wash. St - 2U

5) Marshall - 17 1/2 over Miami (OH) - 1U

6) ULM + 23 1/2 over Oklahoma - 1U

Lotta chalk, but I don't remember ever losing money betting big chalk week 1 CFB.  Would love to take Clemson as I love the spot but don't know if I can pull that trigger ... BOL to all ...


Posted Monday, August 20, 2012 02:42 AM

Ok, I went to UCLA practice this evening .....

am not going to say anything about their 'game plan' or what they're running - which won't have any bearing on Rice because they won't do that game plan until after they close practice to public - but ....

I was impressed with the tempo.  I've been to UCLA and USC practices for 5 years - this squad is quick off the ball - moreso than any UCLA team I've seen in practice.  Jonathan Franklin is a fine, fine back; low center of gravity, cuts on a dime, burst of speed off the cut and strong - difficult to tackle.  He'll average 4-5 yards a carry this year barring injury.

Brett Hundley throws a sweet ball.  More importantly, he doesn't look or act like a RS freshman; more mature.  Anything can happen first game, but, UCLA has a lot more talent than Rice, no question about that.  I think Brett will quickly realize this and assert himself in the game and use it to establish is career at UCLA.  He needs to do well (and he can against Rice) and Mora wants a huge first game to start his tenure at UCLA.

Impressed also with corrner play and defensive secondary generally.  Bruins have athletes behind the front 7 and I think will get more than their share of picks this year.

Also I am impressed with how practice is run - more like a pro practice in how they move from sets and conduct themselves generally.  It looks like a pro team; not a bunch of amateurs.  I think the 2 weeks in San Bernardi... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 14, 2010 03:22 PM

Week 7: Top pks from Badlands, Boom_Boom, Ice4Blood & Nostradamus_12....

I am posting the selections made so far by cappers - others will be added later - up to 5 pks by each capper.  Pks are spread over successive posts due to post-length limits by Covers'....BOL to everyone in week 7!....



I’ve been waiting for this game. This is a very bad south Florida team. I watched their whole game last week against Syracuse.  Jim Levitt and matt grothie made this program pretty good but it’s taken a huge step back this year.  South Florida 3 wins have come against a 0-5 western Kentucky team, a 1-4 Florida Atlantic team...and..Stony brook.  I watched both their games against Florida and Syracuse and they can’t do anything on offense and lost I believe 4 starters on d that went to the NFL or graduated.  Daniels has been awful at qb.  Against Florida he was 5-20 for 84 yards, 1 td 4 int.  last week against Syracuse  he was 9-23 no tds and 2 picks.  even against western Kentucky he only had 57 passing yards and they only won by 12 at home.  he can run but it’s going to take a lot against wv.  south floridas only chance is if they can run and wv is giving up 86 rypg.  on the flip side Florida ran for 250 yards on s. Florida so gl stopping devine. Unless WV doesn’t show up or just kills themselves with turnovers and penalties, I don’t see how they don’t win by 20+.  west Virginia 31  s. Florida 10
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Posted Friday, October 08, 2010 12:50 PM

Covers' Cappers Top Picks -- Badlands, Boom_Boom, Ice4Blood, Nostradamus_12

Week 6 selections are below - submissions and writeups still pending in a couple cases.  It's been an up and down season for many, but overall we are solidly in the black.  ICE4BLOOD is having a *tremendous* year on top plays, as is Boom.  BOL to all!

(NOTE: Plays continued over two postings due to Covers' post-length limitations)....GWJTF



Submission pending.





Oregon -34.5    3 units

Alabama  - 8   2 units

NCST   -9.5    2 units

Wake Forrest  + 5    2.5 units

Michigan S.T / Michigan  Under 63.5   2.5 units


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Posted Friday, October 01, 2010 03:46 AM

Week 5: Top Cappers, Top Plays - Badlands, Boom_Boom, Ice4Blood, Nostradamus_12

After another solidly profitable weekend from our cappers, week 5 selections are below (continued on next post due to Covers’ limits on post length)….Write-ups will be added when available.


L.S.U.  -16


NAVY + 9.5
Clemson + 3
TCU  -33
ASU / Oregon S.T  over 56
Notre Dame  -2.5

2 Bonus strong plays:

Wyoming / Toledo  Over 48.5; NCST  +4.5

(write-ups continued in next post…GWJTF)

Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010 03:39 PM

Covers' Cappers Top CFB Pks - Badlands; Boom_Boom; Ice4Blood; Nostradamus12

Below are top pks for week 4 from four of the best cappers on Covers...writeups will follow when available...(picks continued on successive posts due to character limits per posting - GWJTF)...BOL to all


Baylor -7

West Virginia +10

Wyoming +14

Georgia Tech -8

Fresno State +3


Stanford  -3;

South Florida-27;

N.Texas / Florida Atlantic under 52;

Wyoming +14;

Oregon / ASU  over 54


Pitt (+3.5)... gotta roll with Pitt in the Thursday night dog roll... they seem to do well as a dog... wish i was getting 4 points, and you might be able to closer to gametime... but then again, you might only get 3 if you wait... the best way to bet this game, is to do nothing until halftime... if, at HT, you can get Pitt at a line that gives you (+4.5) or even (+6), you are in business... prediction:  Pitt 20-17

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Posted Thursday, September 09, 2010 03:07 PM

Week 2 - Covers’ Cappers Top Pks – Badlands, Boom_Boom, Ice4Blood, & Nostradamus12

Week 2 with top 5 picks from some of covers’ most respected cappers.  We will add remaining write-ups when they are available.  GL to all!


Mississippi State +2

Air Force -1

Florida -15        

Stanford -6

Georgia/South Carolina under 50


USC -18

NCST  +3.5

S.C -2

Washington  -10

G.T  -13


Alabama (-11):  I don't expect this to be close to the spread... Penn St isn't the same as the last couple of years, and will struggle to score any point on offense... might start to look like a scrimmage at some point... prediction:  Bama 42-10

Ohio St (-9.5):  another mismatch for the home team... OSU defense and the hostile environment will be too much for Miami, who will most likely commit a couple of turnovers... think OSU makes a big statement in this game... prediction:  OSU 35-13

Michigan (+4.5):  just love getting this many points in this game... Michigan will be in this game to the end, like they always are in this matc... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 01, 2010 07:04 PM

Top Covers’ Cappers Selections – Week 1

Welcome to the first week of what may be one of the most informative CFB threads on covers this season: top selections of some of the best cappers on Covers: Badlands, Boom_Boom, Ice4Blood, & Nostradaus12.

The idea is simple: ask some of the sharpest guys on the board to post their top selections (up to 5) in one place, with each cappers’ reasoning for making his selections.  Everyone is encouraged to participate, ask questions, agree/disagree, but let’s please keep it civil – no personal attacks okay? I realize some of the numbers these guys bet the game at are no longer available – this will be less of a factor in the future due to less time between release of lines and posting of plays. We will try to release by Wednesday afternoon/evening of each week. Week 1 picks and analysis are below – enjoy!


TCU HORNED FROGS -13.5 - They averaged 40 ppg last year and have 9 starters back on offence. Their defense is sick and while Oregon State is nice, they are breaking in a new qb in the lions den against a team that has one focus - the national championship. They beat Stanford by 17 at home 2 years ago and rolled Utah 55-28 at home.



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