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Posted Thursday, March 31, 2011 09:58 AM


2010 MLB SEASON RECORD: 311-249-2 (55.5%)

2010 MLB PLAYOFFS RECORD: 26-12 (68.4%)

2011 SPRING TRAINING: 5-3-1 (62.5%)

  OPENING DAY 3/31/11 


You probably will not see Verlander at this high of a price all year long after today. The line seems to keep rising so I will wait for best available. I like what the Tigers have put together and I think they will have a solid year. Lineup is improved and bull pen should be stellar. If Verlander brings his stuff and has his A game today I believe the Tigers win this ball game. I am predicting a career year for the Tigs "ace" and hopefully be in the discussion as a Cy Young candidate. Obviously I am a fan of the Tigers, but you should know I bet AGAINST them last year, more then I bet ON them. I am a Tigers fan, but when it comes to down to it I bet with my cash not my heart and I'm not a homer. Great value today that I simply can't pass up on.


Posted Tuesday, February 22, 2011 10:13 AM


Think about how much more competitive and better the league would be. Just thinking after the Carmelo trade, a lot of teams have some sort of "BIG 3" now with New York having Amare, Melo, Chauncey as the so called big 3. Almost every top team in the league you could argue has this. That is what the NBA needs to do, weed out the bottom feeders and send guys like Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Monta Ellis, Rudy Gay (all just examples) to contenders or cut 6-8 teams out of the league. Make it more competitive then it already is, so teams can't take night's off and have the fans sleeping in the stands when Boston is on the road in Minnesota. If you could cut down the league so that every team has some sort of "big 3" of superstar caliber players, this league would be better. Some may agree, some may disagree, it is just my opinion.

If you could cut this league down to 24 teams from 30 which teams would you get rid of? It does not have to be 1 team from each of the 6 divisions, you can cut any 6 teams and the divisions could be rearranged.

I would get rid of the following teams:

Toronto, Minnesota, Cleveland, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee, Sacramento

Posted Tuesday, May 11, 2010 10:39 AM

MLB Tuesday (51-23-1)

YTD: 51-23-1  

I am still pissed about Yankees/Tigers OVER 10.5 not hitting yesterday. Both teams had plenty of chances to score runs and ended up a few short with 9 total. I cannot even tell you how many damn players were left on base.....TERRIBLE. 

Well the Phillies have been absolutely great to me this year and I can never pass up Halladay pitching so I am backing the city of brotherly love boys again. I am taking the run line and do not care if everyone is on it because this team plays great with their ace on the mound and usually give great run support. Here we go.....

Philadelphia Phillies -1.5 (-125)

I put together a nice little 2-team parlay for a couple bucks too if anyone is interested and likes to fuck around with a few dollars. Again, I only count STRAIGHT WAGERS to my record.

*Yankees/Tigers OVER 10
*Blue Jays/Red Sox OVER 10.5

Good Luck today and let's stack this paper!

Posted Saturday, May 08, 2010 01:39 AM

MLB Saturday (49-22-1)

YTD: 49-22-1  

So yesterday my Detroit Tigers play was NO ACTION when they were up 7-1 and then Cleveland made it 7-6 in the 4th inning and got rained out. I actually hit a 3 team parlay with the Phillies, Yankees, Rays. Almost everyday I usually put together 3-Team Parlays for fun and just throw like 20-25 bucks on them, they rarely hit but they are fun. I don't post them and do not count them to my overall MLB record but they are fun to play and if I really like my plays I guess I will post them, even though people will probably think it is stupid.

So tomorrow I like a few games and have been on fire lately, hopefully that continues. I have only looked at the early games and this is what I like and wagered. I am putting my hard earned money on ACE pitching and am confident in the follow 2 bets.

Detroit Tigers -150 (Verlander) 

New York Yankees -140 (Sabathia) 

I do not mind laying the juice here because I love betting on these 2 pitchers. These are 2 solid and confident day game wagers. If you choose to bet on these I wish you the best of luck and keep the MONEY coming.   
For the hell of it: 3 Team Parlay, pays out nice

Detroit Tigers -1.5
Philadelphia Phillies -1.5
New York Yankees -1.5                                 ... [More]


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