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Posted Wednesday, December 07, 2011 05:07 PM   45 comments

SEASON: 203-157 $16,721


CAPS -115 $500

GL to all 

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vicb says:
12/07/11 05:10PM
GL Buddy,it looks like this will be my play tonight as well.....like Buffalo tonight too but will not bet against my team lol
potvin says:
12/07/11 05:13PM
best of luck happy!
bold27 says:
12/07/11 05:15PM
xbaggypants says:
12/07/11 05:27PM
Good Luck
princeofasia says:
12/07/11 05:28PM
happycap says:
12/07/11 06:00PM
Thanks guys, still considering the late game and will have a play later
ManassaMauler says:
12/07/11 06:00PM
tone79 says:
12/07/11 06:09PM
gl cap
PuckJunky101 says:
12/07/11 06:12PM
mags4444 says:
12/07/11 06:22PM
Miller13 says:
12/07/11 08:07PM
I M with you cap as always!
happycap says:
12/07/11 08:42PM

My nomination for the Covers Brothers Anthem


happycap says:
12/07/11 08:45PM
OASIS ... God's great gift to Generation X
Johnnypicks says:
12/07/11 08:45PM

excuse me...is that 5 fugure number really neccesary



























happycap says:
12/07/11 09:11PM
JP where the hell ya been
happycap says:
12/07/11 09:12PM
Fucking douchebag Capitals
happycap says:
12/07/11 09:14PM

motherf****ers ... lol good luck with those "men" Dale. 

Johnnypicks says:
12/07/11 09:14PM

just adding wood to my fire.....nowhere specal

happycap says:
12/07/11 09:21PM

CAPS -115 $500

CANES +145 $300

happycap says:
12/07/11 09:23PM

GOT +155 at BET 365 btw

happycap says:
12/07/11 09:26PM
and its now at +156 at Pinny... must have been some large late money on the fave...
happycap says:
12/07/11 09:30PM
CAPS that's more like it!!!!!
hitterno24 says:
12/07/11 10:12PM
vicb says:
12/07/11 10:16PM

Oh and Claude Giroux is your new leading scorer in the NHL
happycap says:
12/07/11 10:17PM

Yup squeezed that one out... maybe the turnaround HAS started in Capville.

happycap says:
12/07/11 11:23PM

I think it was Kypreos on the "preview" show who picked him as a potential NHL MVP this year... and nobody on the pane objected.

happycap says:
12/07/11 11:23PM
happycap says:
12/07/11 11:23PM
GO Canes
vicb says:
12/07/11 11:25PM

Up to this point in the season i wouldnt object either.....nobody is talking about the loss of Richards and Carter and Giroux is the main reason for that
vicb says:
12/07/11 11:26PM

so far so good.....i was gonna pull the trigger on the Canes tonight but then reminded myself that i am gonna avoid touching them!
happycap says:
12/07/11 11:36PM
Ya vic but that line made no sense to me and when I saw it go to +155 I had to take a wee dip for a medium play.
happycap says:
12/07/11 11:46PM
...I don't have to tell you that its often the best time to start sniffing around at the exact moment others give up - in stocks its called "capitulation" and forms the bottom, in covers terms its when people start threads bashing teams as completely hopeless pussies that's a BUYING opportunity screaming at ya!!
happycap says:
12/07/11 11:57PM

Listen UP!! - December is OASIS month:


vicb says:
12/08/11 12:05AM

Oh i definitely hear ya buddy,part of the reason that i liked the Canes tonight but i had to lay off....it was a good play by you
vicb says:
12/08/11 12:06AM

We need a Pearl Jam month! Well every month is Pearl Jam month for me
happycap says:
12/08/11 12:09AM
happycap says:
12/08/11 12:11AM
Thanks bud.  I'm stuck in the same time period but overseas in Manchester... most of my fave bands came out of that city
happycap says:
12/08/11 12:12AM
Jam rocked our generation too I'll say that much
vicb says:
12/08/11 12:15AM
Ive been stuck in Seattle since 1991......I've seen Pearl Jam live 25 times
happycap says:
12/08/11 12:15AM
vicb says:
12/08/11 12:19AM

No kidding,i could have been to so many more!!
LuckyGuy says:
12/08/11 12:23AM

Isn't that the truth eh???  

Btw..great job tonight

docircho says:
12/08/11 12:26AM
Great job
happycap says:
12/08/11 12:40AM
Thanks boys, enjoy the tunes, and vic if you get this feel free to link one or two of your fave Pearl Jam tracks for our listening pleasure - yellow ledbetter perhaps? 
happycap says:
12/08/11 10:21AM

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