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Posted Friday, June 27, 2008 08:59 PM


This is what got me penalty boxed.... Topic ***Olympic Team Announced***?GOOD BET?-Forum Pro Hoops

You are not permitted to make posts.

Oh really, and what would this be called? Topic: ???COVERS WTF??? -Forum Penalty Box

This is what resulted in my ban....

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Posted Friday, June 27, 2008 08:52 PM


Going on Day 5, I have sent 14 emails, and called 3 times....the first gentleman I spoke to asked for the moderators name, which I gave him, "PokerBroker" and the topic in question, which I also provided "OLYMPIC TEAM ANNOUNCED ?GOOD BET? followed by ???COVERS WTF???. He said he would review it and get back to me. My point is like I have stated a 1,000 times, I DID NOT see his warning, he basically told my to chill out at 8:04pm while that had just been posted at 8:04pm, I was already making my post and had ZERO chance of seeing his warning with my post being submitted at 8:10pm. I started the topic at around 3:30pm, going on over 4 hours and no response we just so happened to be posting at nearly the same time. Check the times it's all on paper. Not allowing me to explain myself I was banned within seconds, which was not very fair in my opinion. Then when I saw his request to show remorse....that was unbelievable. The only way I was allowed to explain myself was login to one of my friends accounts, "mgsimmons" and no I didn't just create a new account check the membership he has been a member since Jan 2006. Like I stated I am not on trial for CAPITAL MURDER, I posted too many smiley faces get over it. Once again I received no notification, warning, or email saying I was going to the penalty box, and then unfairly terminated 6 hours later. The bottom line is the lineman thought I was directly disrespecting him, and he instantly term... [More]


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