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Posted Tuesday, December 06, 2011 05:09 PM

My Article: High School Football

Okay for those of you that play at either 5dimes, sportbet or some other pay per heads out there you guys know exactly what this is about.  I'm just writing about my opinion on the topic of High School Football betting.  I have been playing High School Football for the past 2 years and have made a very nice profit.  If you guys don't believe me I have posted my thread on the bottom.  I understand why 5dimes has shut it down when it comes to listing High School Football due to all the unnecessary bad publicity they were relieving.. 

The point im trying to makes is that  this publicity is all wrong. The amount of action that these online websites take is by far much less then what local bookies that offer high school football lines take in.  Just like at in Ohio, JJHuddle is one of the most well known high school football websites for the state and on it they post their lines for games and futures odds.  All of this bad publicity started when this topic was brought to the forefront by rivals high analyst Dallas Jackson.  I just believe that this has been blown way out of proportion, high school gambling has been going on for decades. 


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