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Posted Friday, March 30, 2012 05:53 PM

What's the best run you've ever seen???

Been betting 20+ years.  I actually picked 0-13 one sunday in the NFL.  It was somewhere around 1992.  Luckily, I was broke from the week before(IMAGINE THAT)!!  At least I figured out early, that the NFL was brutal to the weekend gambler.

It also made me aware that the more I liked a game, the more likely it was to be a loser.  This philosophy actually works ( in PRO sports) if you really watch the league closely and don't second guess.  It's not 100%, by any means, but you should win more than you lose. 

Try to only play wks 5-12 in the NFL. Vegas will use perception against the public during this time.  I haven't seen this to be as effective in college, so as a general rule...go against what looks too good to be true in NFL and with it in college.  I actually just play the NFL occasionally now.

Enough on that tangent....sorry!  The best run I've ever witnessed was by my best friend in college.  It was all NBA.  He had 2 yrs worth of tracking and played either favs or dogs...every game, every nite!  The only exception was that we would occasionally play one fav on a dog nite, or vice versa.  

 I do remember that I was the one that found a bookie, therefore I met him each wk.  We collected for 6 wks in a row.  1000+ twice, 2000+ 3 times, and 4200 the last wk before he cut us off.  We started at 25 each(50 bet) and ended with ... [More]


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