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Posted Tuesday, January 11, 2011 03:06 AM

The "$$" Multiplier Challenge

I have seen threads like this before but they fail due to minor bickering and other bs. I have systems that I follow but with this thread, I don't have the option of chasing games. This is based solely on single picks and seeing how far I am able to make my money multiply. I am starting with $50 deposited Jan 10, 2011 into an online book. The main obstacle with this thread will be my ability to post before every wager is made. I sometimes make wagers at the last minute and might not be able to post before making them but will always post asap. I am patient for the right wagers so there might not be a post for days at a time and also, my wagers are usually $25 or more. Any wagers less then $25 are just greed and don't hold any major merit although I don't have much patience for slow money, lol.

I have done this before and made $300 into over 7k without and teasers or parlays. It can be with patience and strategy and I plan to make it happen bigger and better this time around.

Lastly, this forum is not for BS and bickering. Also, please don't ask stupid questions that can be answered with a little personal research.

Posted Sunday, November 29, 2009 11:09 AM

"The Lock" Sports Betting System

This system compiles several systems to maximize profit as quick as possible. It has been back tested and very, very rarely loses. Most plays are based on a three game series but, some are just very STRONG picks!!! All single picks made will have at least a $200 minimum bet behind them. I pick from hockey, basketball (NBA and NCAAB), football (NFL and NCAAF) and baseball (MLB) when that comes around.


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