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Posted Thursday, February 02, 2012 01:23 PM

hodge property pending

just got back from legal notary office. people or any readers can know how it went as it stands my home could +more be taken and split by 6. I could be homeless then still better than homeless now hey got to have a good job to fix that bridge. perhaps it is wastefull to stay around though community may should love me. If/or when I lose all this sorry 5/6 of it man will I stand good with the good lord then beleivers know it. the old 100 fold blessing. I did not plan this but take it as it comes just a minor caregiveing role i play as experance takes place i sit by the team I give Effort to be as profesinal as possible in all of this. you know fealings of illness can get in your head till you turn it positive witch is a by product of effort who knows who or what i will become in future however I Know who I AM and thats a good start right. Not A hobo I AM not A LOBO I AM NOT A SLOW MO I AM NOT EVEN A REGULAR JO I AM SO CROSS ME IF YOU DARE BUT ONE SHOULD BEWARE!   


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