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Posted Sunday, June 24, 2012 02:03 PM

Final Thoughts From The Afterlife

Making my way towards the light, a rush of memories began to fill my head: my first ever thread in the NHL Forum where I got 11 views and no one wished me good luck; Sharp__Action nominating me for "Loser Of The Month"; luckbythetruck threatening to beat me up; revengeissweet1 threatening to beat me up; the great GBP Crusades; being one of the first responders on the scene of the terrorist attacks on the Food And Fitness Forum; atlheatholder threatening to beat me up; trotter64 threatening to beat me up; the rise and fall of Seaweed Nation; the day shrimp1958 was banned, and the night I made love to SarahJPhilli in my baseball thread.

When I finally arrived at the end of the tunnel, I was greeted by the sight of an outstretched hand offering me a bottle of Miller High Life, and the words: "Fella, welcome home." That's when I knew everything was going to be alright...

It's not so bad in the afterlife to be honest. All of our old friends are here: VaughnK, gore21, ChanceP, CraveCase, RickeM - even 504saintsfan! Rumour has it the founding members of P-Box Nation were around for a spell before they got bored and went off and formed their own afterlife...

And there's plenty to do here as well: I spent an afternoon building clouds out of Lego's with Crowkillers, played 18 holes with golfandgamble (get your mind out of the gutter michaelpaul), discussed the perils of going tout with AJPierzynski and Bodio, had 3r... [More]


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