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Posted Saturday, June 19, 2010 06:45 PM

Some days I love poker, but not today....

So I'm playing in an online tournament, 39 people registered.

We are down to six people.

Top five people get paid.

I'm second in chips.

The chip leader makes a standard raise in early position, it folds around to me, and I'm on the button with jacks.  I call.

The blinds both fold.

The flop comes AJ3, rainbow board. I'm ecstatic.

He leads out with a bet, I make a minimum raise, and he instantly goes all in. Of course I'm calling, the only hand that beats me is AA.

He flips over AK, and I'm a 96%+ favorite.

The turn is an Ace.....and the river is a King.

What a sickening way to bubble.


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