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Posted Monday, October 12, 2009 10:38 AM

WHY ....? and wtf??!

okay..heres the story... i've been betting sports about 15 years now..  i do research on teams and spend alot of time  on sites just like covers for injuries, weather , situation, ect.  i have a buddy of mines .. who is not a sports fan at all,who knows jack shit about football, he thinks the patriots is the best team in the nfl because  he lives in mass. he does not even use the internet for reasearch at all. the only reason he bets on football is because he sees me and my other buddies gather around the tv on sat,and sunday for ncaa and nfl.but the mofo has serious cash to lay his bets on. and when it comes on sundays... this mofo will play like 8 games just to be down with the boys. and ends up with 6-2 day or 7-1 day!???? i mean wtf!?? my other buddies and i will be like wtf!???  while the rest of us will either do alrite or break even. its been 3 weeks str8t that this mofo did this. hes been hitting and he doesnt even know the dam teams qauterbacks. i understant beginners luck ,,, but this has happened for 3 weeks str8t.! wtf!?( now that the mofo has been winning he talking shit like he the man!) 


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