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Posted Sunday, September 23, 2012 12:48 PM

Early NFL plays

Well, 14-11 in the NCAA, too many plays. 1-1 in my 5 star plays.For the NFL
5* OVER Lions 47 (Lions will be on the attack through the air the entire game after a loss and the Titans have all the match-ups vs. the Lions secondary and will be trying to match them score for score, close game, but way over the total.
4* Saints-8 ( would NOT want to be the team playing the Saints today, their D sucks, but at home, i can see them rising up and getting a few sacks and turn-overs, just don't like anything about the Chiefs, another blow-out)
3* Jags+3 (Should be able to run all day long and keep the ball away from Luck, simple as that to me)
3* Browns+3 (+3?? I think they are the better team and will win outright. )
3* Bears-6.5 -120 (After their last performance, I see them winning by 10 or more, Rams O-line won't be able to hold up vs the bears pressure and thus turnovers)
3* Vikings (just way too many on SF and Vikings should be able to keep it close with some sacks and a few long drives, believe it or not, Minn does present some match-up problems for SF's D, at least according to my views and the match-ups i see happening)
2* Jets (ML-135)..I don't see the Fins running much on the Jets D and I can see alot of plays coming for Tebow today, just taking a shot with this one)
Good luck, back at 4pm!... [More]


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