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Posted Friday, May 01, 2009 01:54 PM

Minnesota tries to block online Gaming

Minnesota Orders ISPs to Block Internet Gambling Websites Minnesota Orders ISPs to Block Internet Gambling Websites

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), through its Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (AGED), has ordered Internet service providers to block state residents' access to 200 Internet gambling Web sites. Minnesota referenced a Federal law, the Wire Act of 1961, for justification of its order to the ISPs, claiming the law made "online gambling is illegal in all U.S. states."

The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA), which was alerted to the blocking order early this morning by a Minnesota reporter seeking comment , immediately set it's legal team to work challenging the DPS order. iMEGA requested the list of the 200 "black listed" Web sites from DPS, but the request was denied on the advice of DPS counsel, which was apparently debating whether the black list would be made public.

"Again, you have an example of state government exceeding their authority and operating in secret to deny citizens their freedom to use the Internet as they see fit in the privacy of their own homes," said Joe Brennan Jr., chairman of iMEGA. "What is most concerning is the shaky legal pretext that Minnesota has used to fashion their order. There is simply no Federal law that exists that makes it illegal for all US citizens to gamble on the Internet. None."

The Wire Act of 1961 made it a criminal offense to use... [More]


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