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Posted Thursday, January 01, 2015 04:16 PM

Playoffs!!!!!! Were Back and Were Mad....Bookies were coming for you

I have several plays frome here on out through the rest of the season folks, send me a friend request :)

Posted Tuesday, September 16, 2014 07:59 AM


Well folks so far so good at 10 - 0 but for some reason this week is looking harder But here are my plays so far...

Baltimore ML Fishy line at a pick though I would of thought Baltimore would be favored by atleast 3 so who knows where this goes but i'll bite on flacco and company!!!

Miami - 4.5  They get rolling at home with Mike Wallace Having a BIG DAY!!!!!

That's all I can come up with so far, thinking there will be more favorites than dogs this week, GL guys probably closer to game time I should have more plays


Posted Sunday, August 31, 2014 12:30 AM

Week 1 Plays.....He's Back

San Diego + 3.5

Over 47.5 On Detroit

Miami +5 ( Small Ml Play +180 )

Philidelphia - 10.5

San Fransisco - 6

Posted Thursday, January 16, 2014 06:40 PM

AFC Championship and NFC Championship Plays!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go folks, took some time and even pulled my teeth out trying too figure this out...GL ALL

New England + 5.5 and ML

Seattle - 3.5

Posted Monday, January 06, 2014 02:44 PM

NFL ROUND 1 PLAYOFF PICKS!!!!! 3-0-1 ATS during wildcard and nailed SD ML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told them bookies they better not F- Wit me, they think what I did to them last week was bad, that isn't nothing compared too what I do to them this week..

New England - 7 ( As much as i'm pulling for Luck and the colts. I think this will be there last ride )

San Fransisco - 2 ( Superbowl Bound )

New Orleans + 7.5 and ML ( Upset Alert )

Over 43 On San Fran...


Posted Thursday, January 02, 2014 03:19 AM


Short and Sweet hopefully....

San Diego +7 And ML

Under 53.5 On Saints

Kansas City + 2.5 and ML

San Fran - 3

Posted Sunday, December 29, 2013 08:27 PM

SNF Total!!!!!!!!!!!

Under 54..........

Posted Sunday, December 29, 2013 08:06 PM

anyone else ever get panic attacks from these games especially when they are real close!!!

Oh I got one now from that darn bears game, I had Chicago too win the superbowl a nice chunk of dough too, although I have others as well I didn't play the chalk though, wishing san diego or San Fran or Cincy Or Colts would win it all, Hoping not Denver or Seattle

Posted Sunday, December 29, 2013 04:23 PM

WOW San Diego up too - 15.5

I'm guessing because the Chiefs aren't starting their starters, WOW I didn't see that coming though

Posted Monday, December 23, 2013 09:19 PM

NFL WEEK 17 ( Merry CHristmas To All ) Hopefully some goodies in here :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year as well, These are My Plays For Week 17...

Seattle - 10 ( Merry Christmas Play Of The Week )

Jacksonville + 11 and small ML Play for the fun of it :)

Pittsburgh - 7

Over 48 On Saints

GL Everybody, and have a merry Christmas and happy new year

Posted Wednesday, December 18, 2013 09:03 PM

NFL WEEK 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much time, but heres who I like, GL ALL  

Arizona + 10.5 and small ML Play ( shock the WORLD )

Denver - 10.5 ( Play Of The Week )

Colts + 7

Tennessee - 5.5

Over 45 On San Fran, and I must add, this San Fran team will be a serious contender and make a run at the superbowl and someone from the NFC wins the superbowl..

GL Everyone

Posted Monday, December 16, 2013 12:21 PM

MNF Plays

Happy Holiday Folks, Monday Night Plays ( Just For Fun )

Detroit - 5.5

Under 49.5

Good Luck everyone

Posted Sunday, December 15, 2013 02:35 PM

2nd HalfPlays ( For Fun )

Seattle -4

Houston  Pk

Atlanta - whatever

Posted Wednesday, December 11, 2013 03:01 PM

NFL WEEK 15 Plays just for fun ( not betting )

Well everyone I will be getting married tomorrow and I have a little time to post my plays for week 15 although I am not betting, basically i'll just see what would have happened, best of luck everyone and happy holidays!!!!

Atlanta - 7 ( initially I thought the deadskins are due and everything, but if I was too bet I just can't seem too pull the trigger on that team right now, even if RG3 was in there he has been pretty much crap, with roddy white getting healthy and Jackson running a bit better and Matt Ryan starting to warm up and being at home, Pop the Plugs on Atlanta!!!!

Houston Texans + 6 and ML ( This team has aslo fallen downhill but still have a few weapons IMO with Andre Johnson and Deandre Hopkins, Ben Tate also not too bad, I know they are playing for nothing and the colts need this game but you do see some letdowns and I think this is one of them!!!

Oakland + 4.5 and ML ( A divisional game here and hoping the chiefs are a bit worn out and if I recall I thought Oakland usually plays KC kind of tough, I definitely think they cover and worth a little shot on the money line, and this would probably be my play of the week WITH THE POINTS!!!!!!

Good Luck too Everyone this week!!!!

Posted Monday, December 09, 2013 08:28 PM

MNF Plays!!!!!!!! My Last Ride

Chicago - 1

Over 47.5

Got my lines in earlier, and my last ride this week, i'll still possibly post my plays that I like each week, but this will be my last ride, happy holidays too everyone that has followed me and everyone else who see's this post, Honestly this was a tough one for me too handicap and I don't feel too confident, i'm just doing a small parlay on Chicago and Over GL ALL

Posted Saturday, December 07, 2013 11:38 AM

NFL Week 14 Play!!!!! This Will Be My Last Ride$$$$$$$$$

I talked to my family today, about life and gambling, and how everything that has a start has an end that's just life and today I told my Family that....this will be my last ride, and I just felt so much peace with the way I am with my decision, cause everything I done in gambling man I done it, winning 10000 dollars on the slot machines to hitting a 10 team NBA Parlay, Now it's my turn to give back, I just can't sit in my living on this computer handicapping much more, I don't wanna fight that war, I mean too sit in here and talk with Alec, and Small bet, S2think and others......will that part hurt? Absolutely, you can never rebuild those bonds those bonds are forever, A good friend of mine Lady O said you may be gone now but your not gone forever your just going through a different phase in life, and when I post my pics this week I want Covers too know I was a force to be reckoned with, GL Guys and lets get em  

Green Bay -3.5 It's so hard to bet this team right now, But believe me when I tell you, you will see a whole different type of game from the thanksgiving game when they played Detroit, Vegas wants you too see stuff like that and for everyone too watch it so the next time everyone will be like i'm not betting on them and all of a sudden the next game the QB comes out and looks like Tom Brady, also thinking Lacy will have a nice game.

Washington + 3 This team i'm sure had higher hopes for RG3 and company and all the fans of Washington were prob... [More]

Posted Thursday, December 05, 2013 08:17 PM

Texans V.S Jacksonville Total!!!!!

Over 43.5 On Houston V.S Jax , something like Houston 24-21 or Houston 28 to 24 type of game

Posted Thursday, December 05, 2013 08:12 PM

Mendenhall or Woodhead? Harry Douglas or Colston?

Right now I have Megatron and Desean Jackson and unsure on Harry Douglas or Marques Colston, Douglas does get a lot of targets and Colston doesn't get much but due too break loose soon maybe? And I have Forte who I am using and I don't know whether too use Danny Woodhead or Mendenhall, Mendenhall hasn't even broke 100 yards yet but i'm thinking he is due as well, But I believe he will share his touches with Ellington this week, is that right? Thanks Guys

Posted Sunday, December 01, 2013 08:00 PM

SNF PARLAY!!!!!!!!!

Short and sweet hopefully.....

NYG - 1.5

Under 46

Posted Sunday, December 01, 2013 11:20 AM

Week 14 Plays!!!!!!

Chiefs +6.5 and small ML bet

Jets -2

Giants - 1

Sorry SO Late Guys, GL Everyone

Posted Thursday, November 28, 2013 04:03 PM

NFL Thanksgiving Week Plays

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, i'm a little late but my plays are......

Oakland + 9.5

Baltimore - 2.5

Under 41 On Baltimore

Posted Tuesday, November 19, 2013 10:38 PM

Week 12 NFL Plays!!!!!!! Including a P.O.W

After losing with New England and over on a call that should of stood with pass interference on Rob Gronkowski which if it would of stood i might of hit it, And now Vegas I am MAD!!!! You thought what I did too you bookies a few weeks ago was bad, that ain't nothing compared too what i'm gonna do too you this week.

Atlanta + 9.5 ( They will get a 2nd half Surge )

Green Bay - 4.5 ( Large Play for me on undisclosed reasons ) also my Play Of The Week.

Arizona - 2.5

Under 43.5 On Houston

Don't F wit me bookies, I'm gonna CRUSH you this week


Posted Monday, November 18, 2013 08:19 PM

Monday Night Football Parlay

Cam Newton and his network can't hang with broadway brady, especially on primetime, Bellichick should have his squad ready to roll,..

New England ML & Over

Posted Sunday, November 17, 2013 08:01 PM

Take the Chiefs tonight....

And wait on the Brinks Truck to roll up, even sprinkle some dough on the ML

Posted Wednesday, November 06, 2013 01:24 PM

NFL Week 10 Pays ( I smell some chalk in the air )

Washington - 2.5

Pittsburgh - 3

Under 59 on Denver

Baltimore + 2

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