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Posted Monday, March 02, 2009 11:20 PM

Teasers in Moderation

I've been at this for years and keep tons of records and one thing I can tell you is teasers can work late in the season for any sport.  Normally they are sucker plays and this is true, however once you reach the final few weeks of a season, in particularly college basketball, then teasers are worth a series look.  Home teams at -6 to -8 are nice choices as you bring them down to -1, -2.  Home teams typically win so this is huge value. 

I do not recommend teasers once the NCAA conference championships and tournament start.  Unfamiliar opponents will bring an unfamiliar result.  One thing I learned regarding college basketball post season is to expect the unexpected.


Posted Monday, November 10, 2008 10:50 AM

Big 10 and Notre Dame -- Marriage of necessity

Has the time come for the Big Ten and Notre Dame to join forces?  The Big Ten is just god awful.    Last week Illinois beat Iowa and then Western Michigan beats Illinois and then Iowa beats Penn State.  Does this mean that the MAC can compete with the Big Ten?  You bet they can.  Penn State and Ohio State would both be bottom feeders in the SEC or Big 12.  USC is also a mile ahead of them.

Notre Dame is also falling on hard times.  Many negative ramifications could come of this.  Cancellation or reduction of the TV contract from NBC, reluctance of major colleges to schedule them.  Notre Dame could have a schedule made up of Army, Navy, Air Force, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, etc.  As you know, when they needed a coach, Urban Meyer stood clear of that situation.  Long term recruiting could also be effected.

The solution:  The Big Ten and Notre Dame need to join forces and form a 12 team league with a championship game.  This game could be held indoors at Ford Field in Detroit each year.  The Big Ten also needs to build in a bye week before their rivalry games in order to limit the longer layoff between the last game and the bowl game.

North Division Penn Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa

East Division Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State, No... [More]


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