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Posted Friday, October 09, 2009 01:06 PM

Week 6 - system plays

So last week I went through weeks 3 and 4 and found some trends that helped me to put together a system.  I followed it last week and it did very well, went 8-3.  But I only had 9 units left in my account so I personally only went 6-3 for the week.  Hopefully Im onto something, we'll see.....anyways heres my system picks, just locked em up
Illinois +4
Purdue +3
Iowa St. +19
Tennessee -1
Kansas State +16
Texas A&M +5
UCLA +3.5
Kentucky +10 (hook)
Rice +13
Air Force +10.5
I also lean Ole Miss and Ohio State, but for now Im filtering out big name schools who are in the top 10.  My system is young so I may get rid of that depending on how things go.


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