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Underdog of the Week - Week 3

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Posted Saturday, September 22, 2012 05:13 PM   22 comments

My NFL Underdog of the Week is 2-0.  Hit WAS +8 in week 1 and TB +7.5 in week 2. Now, let make it 3 in a row...

NFL Underdog of Week 3 is...

TB +8 at DAL

Many reasons go into determining this pick. For the sake of time (and simplicity) here are the bare facts:

Tampa Bay is underrated.  Dallas is overrated. 

And its really as simple as that...

Read this article. Agree with many points...


Give me some feedback.  Who is against me?!  (because that is what I like)

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kn0wn says:
09/22/12 07:01PM
very nice article i cant argue with even one point they made. BOL!
jacAssa says:
09/22/12 07:05PM
@PrimeTimeBoys I think DAL can win the game, but that 7.5 just too many. DAL and TB are very close in terms of talent. Line should be closer to DAL -2.5. Just because home field.

This TB team plays hard. It will be tough to "blow them out"

Paidonjok says:
09/22/12 07:06PM
I actually think that TB stands a chance to beat DAL SU. 
DUKESTER727 says:
09/22/12 07:42PM
On the Bucs ML large
dumped97 says:
09/22/12 07:58PM
Liking Bucs ML

LasVegasLord says:
09/22/12 08:53PM
BOL bro.
jacAssa says:
09/22/12 10:32PM
@dumped97 and @DUKESTER727 ... ML not a bad idea!

GL to you guys too
KktdocT says:
09/23/12 02:37AM
GL, mate.
JRomo77 says:
09/23/12 10:24AM
TB moneyline!  

Kneel play showed it. TB plays hard. DAL is bad


rg3skins says:
09/23/12 10:34AM
It's amazing how people's opinions change so drastically week to week. Dallas laid an egg on the road big deal. DAL is not bad wake up they're a contender this year. Freeman will be under pressure all day and be forced to checkdown with that good pass D. Dallas in a blowout this might be my play of the week.
LIMover55 says:
09/23/12 10:46AM
its not a bandwagon Dallas is a  team who just hit the right sitution week one did u know that the day of the game the Giants were doing everything but concentrating  on the game that nite.The media frency that day at the stadium was  wild ,and what usally happens to teams 1st game after a championship ,they come out flat like the Giants obviously did.that afternoon they hosted all theses military people at a luncheon,the players had do deal with alot of outside stuff  they raised the champoionship flag before the game for the fan all the htings that can make u lose focus .My point throw out that win <most teams were winning that nite against the Gmen,Then what did Dallas do????? they lose outright here .TB can score and Dallas has never been a come from behind team  . Beware of the real bandwagon teams this week Rams ,Zona,Denver  they all lose
sourdiesellover says:
09/23/12 10:47AM
Maybe if it was in Tampa.  Dallas won't lose or look crappy in their home opener.  The line seems a bit high though (as always)
jacAssa says:
09/23/12 11:08AM

Changing opinions is the beauty of betting NFL football!

These roller coaster of emotions and perceptions creates betting value.
gregowr says:
09/23/12 11:23AM
I love it. Just as in Week 2...the +7 and a 'hook' will be a big deal for Tampa.

Any line over 7 indicates a blow out.  I dont see that happening...
getrdonrite7 says:
09/23/12 11:29AM
JRomo77 says:
09/23/12 11:48AM
What do you think about this being DAL home opener...dont they get the emotional edge?!  I am leaning towards laying the points...
jacAssa says:
09/23/12 12:20PM
@JRomo77 DAL home opener a factor. No question.

But, these teams are even (IMO). Because of this...the line should be DAL -2.5.  Factor in home opener and you move it to DAL -3.5.

Talking this into consideration, TB +8 your getting very good value...
bizkilla says:
09/23/12 12:21PM
I was burned by Dallas last week @ Seattle and now I'm not sure they are capable. I think they matchup well and should win this game, but its still early in the season and personally my strategy is to take it easy the first quarter of the season.
BentleySports says:
09/23/12 12:25PM
Good Luck
Mrpro10 says:
09/23/12 12:33PM
Dallas 34  Tampa Bay 21  That's my pick!!
jacAssa says:
09/23/12 12:58PM
GL everyone!
jacAssa says:
09/23/12 04:35PM
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