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Posted Wednesday, January 25, 2012 02:27 PM

NYG... I just don't see it...

I just don't see how NE is not the play.  I get that NYG have been playing good ball (Eli in particular) since November but that was already adjusted in the line.  I don't see how NYG will be able to stop the NE passing attack, NE defense has also been much improved the past month or so and I always ask myself in every football game which QB I would rather have (Brady over Eli anytime even though I admit that Ellie has been better of late) and head coach (BB over TC any time).  I am going to have to see a lot of a damn good reasons to change my opinion and I hope the line keeps moving in NE favor.

No matter what you all play BOL and lets hope for a good Superbowl.  By the way I have taken the underdog in every Superbowl the past five years.

Posted Sunday, January 17, 2010 08:25 AM

Biggest Covers Pet Peeve!

I know everyone is going to say misspelling lose with loose and other spelling and grammer errors.  But that isn't even my biggest pet peeve because you know what if a man is a good capper and gives good reasons I could give two $hits about his spelling or grammer.  My biggest pet peeve is without a doubt someone who decides to give their viewpoint of a side or total without any real evidence.

This is what I mean.  I know most of us use trends, stats, and a variety of other angles but if you have a great trend/stat/angle it is great when people post it because it can lead to a more well reasoned and informed betting decision.

However, how many times do you see a homer come on to your thread or someone elses and say this (1) team X is due, (2) team Y is bad, (3) team Z is good, (4) the game is already fixed, (5) don't bet against team X ever, or even my favorite (6) or or .

Serously I think that if members on covers cannot contribute then perhaps they should just be banned.  Am I wrong for thinking this?  Does anyone else get annoyed by this?

It seems like whenever I get on this website anymore I have to shit through tons of dead and worthless threads to get to the informative ones.  Just seems like a waste of time sometimes.  Well if nothing else I can get this off my chest and BOL to everyone today!

Posted Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:32 AM

Ever had one of those nights?

My two big plays were:

TOR -120 for 4 units and COL -115 for 4 units.  Both ended up losing by 1.  I did not watch the game but still uncertain how COL could have possibly lost that game.  It is rare I bet more than 4 units on any game but I was tempted to put my max bet of 10 units on this game because I really liked this spot.  TOR is just being the heartless team that they have showed since mid-May and simply lost.  I will keep this in mind in the future and proceed with caution any time I bet TOR.   I lost PHI RL because Hamels is a joke.  This is the last time that I EVER convince myself that this guy has turned the corner.  He is going to have to have 10 quality starts before I ever bet with him again.  To make matters worst PHI actually came back to win the game.  LOL!   CHI/MIN U 9... this had not chance from the beginning because Perkins just strunk up the joint.  Cannot be too upset about this no matter the trends and angles it was just a bad play.   FL/AZ O 10.5... another joke in that they scored 5 of their six runs three either two innings or three innings and only one more run after that.  WTF?  This is the same AZ bullpen and FL offense (with Hanley back now so it should be even better) that put 10 runs on the board in one inning and now looks like they can do no wrong.  Add FL to the list of team not to play as they too are too inconsistent to expect anything out of. ... [More]


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