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Posted Wednesday, May 30, 2012 10:01 PM

American League Roundup...

Here is a quick look at the American league teams and their near term potential.I like to break teams down looking at their run scoring, starting pitching and relief pitching abilities.


Boston---Sox have really turned it around lately. Lots of hitting, starters have come around abit and relief pitching has stabilized. With all their hitting they just need some decent starting pitching and a lot of tickets will be cashed.

New York---Yankees hitting has started to come around, injuries to relievers have hurt as that has been a strong point.Bottom end of rotation hasn't been great.
Tampa---Injuries have hurt here also. Run producing is a concern. When they get healthy I think they will make a run.
Toronto---Relief pitching has hurt with lots of blown saves. Jays have potential, but consistency and late game clutch hitting and pitching have been a problem for years
Baltimore ---The O's have come back down to earth. Their obvious weak spot is their starting pitching. They still have a solid lineup and explosive hitting lineup and should provide some good value when they can get some solid starting pitching again.


Chicago---a little late here but team has been hitting the cover off the ball lately. Chris Sale looks amazing and providing great value also. Think he is almost an auto bet right now. Peavy and Quintana have been good also. Relief work solid.

Kansas City---R... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 16, 2009 11:25 AM

Week 1 EPL preview...

Top 4--- the top 4 will probably remain the same for one more year, I like Chelsea to eke out Man Utd for 1st. but I expect Man City, Everton and Tottenham to close the gap on the 4th spot. 2nd tier--Man City need to find the right team and upgrade their back 4 before they make top 4 inroads. this team will be under great pressure and the biggest wild card in the league. if they get things right maybe 3rd if not maybe 8th or 9th with Hughes getting sacked. really like the Everton side and are well coached they should be 5th or 6th. Villa may struggle, not overly enamored by central def and central midfield. Fulham are a thin side staying injury free and not losing Hangeland are keys to another excellent season. surprise team--Sunderland they have some money, Bruce at manager and an improving side. 9th or 10th wouldn't surprise me. Bottom feeders--Burnley and Birmingham are my almost for certains going down. Hull has made a flurry of signings this week realizing the side they had was crap. Hunt and Altidore are good signings. Portsmouth are very thin and have big financial problems I think they will make the drop due to early poor start. Wolves should do just enough to stay up. this week--   couple of great early season games this week. Everton/Arsenal Tottenham/Liverpool offer early look as to whether 2nd tier teams can make inroads to top 4. will be great to watch. any possible results here. all these teams have varying injury i... [More]


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