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Posted Tuesday, August 17, 2010 03:40 PM

Is there such a thing as a "trap" line

I have read many times here on covers in the sports forums and general discussions that a certain "line" seems like a "trap", meaning that a betting line has been set either to high or to low to get bettors to take the bait and lose their money.  I have to admit I have also seen these lines and think "that just doesn't seem right to me".  These lines are set by the Pros in Las Vegas and it is my belief that they consider statistics along with tangible and intangible facts and evidence such as injuries, revenge, home field, etc.  I believe a line is set to attract bettors to both sides of the action, thus when the betting is heavy on one side the line is changed accordingly to get bettors to come in to even things out.  Don't know if this makes any sense.  I have been enjoying sports betting for 40 years or so and would like opinions about this subject, and also how folks incorporate significant line moves in their betting decisions.


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