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Posted Saturday, January 30, 2010 12:51 AM

Henin Vrs Serena

Here is my take on this. Henin is more of a wall then Li, and she hits winners back.

Serena beat Li won 7-6 7-6 and looked relieved. she nearly lost the match before.

Serena Serves the hell out of it, and has great ground strokes but doesn't cover the court like Henin.

Serena is always on a mission, but having won so many titles, she may have lost a little of her edge do or die.

Serena is one year older then Henin.

Henin is on a mission. She only lost to Clisters who is as good or better then Serena.

Who will make the least errors? Who will force more errors?

Both have a great serve.

Both Hate to lose

Henin 290-37
Serena 251-60

Who brings intensity to every match? Look at the record.

Who has faced stiffer competition this AO? Henin 

Who had an easier semi(albeit Zheng is not Li) Henin

Who has  fresher legs in general? Henin

Head to head serena 7-6 Henin 4-2 in Slams(Mostly Clay).

Does Vegas win or lose in general? Serena is getting about 60% and line went from -105 to -120 on serena and has stayed steady.

Juice on over 22 1/2 is -140-This usually means under because everyone is slamming the over, or the books want you to think that.

Vegas doesnt lose much.
So does this mean 2 sets?

Just thoughts.

If Henin gets Serena running around and huffing and puffing, that means more double faults and errors then usual f... [More]

Posted Sunday, February 01, 2009 12:06 PM

Loyola At Fairfield small write up

Fairfield has 9 players and has lost its #2 3 and 4 leading scorers! Okay, So we all know that. The reason they beat Marist the last game was because Marist let up, and because Marist isnt that good.  Also...they were playing for their injured teammate that was in the hospital with Blood clots on his lung.
Fairfield played with all heart. This Loyola Team is putting up 70 and 80 point games the last 6 or 7.  Fairfield has 9 players. They HAve been putting up 50-65.
 Loyola Gets this done. I put 400 on Loyola @ +2 1/2.  I was going to take moneyline, but the Zebras occassionaly have money on the games too. That being said. Loyola should win by Double Digits. If they are ahead at half, you wont see a line that has Fairfield at Minus enough points to win the game in the 2nd half. Take Loyola for the Game. Lets get it. I know it says everywhere that 98 % of the public is on Loyola, but to be honest, Sites like this are run by the books, so when Aussieguy and the likes of him come out of banishment, its because over the longrun he writes what they tell him.  Just look at numbers and the situation!


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