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Posted Monday, January 23, 2012 08:38 PM

Looking for the HawaiiaanWarrior

When HawaiiaanWarrior sees this please respond back or PM me regarding NFL refree info...

BOL to all on the Super Bowl!!!

Posted Thursday, February 03, 2011 03:12 PM

Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow or Lil Wayne's Green and Yellow... You tell me

Most have heard Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow but Lil Wayne just released Green and Yellow. Both are nasty songs. What do all of covers think is the best? And for all those with no interest in hip hop, save yourself the time and don't respond.

Posted Thursday, May 27, 2010 04:44 PM


Hello all and welcome to Dream's second use of the White Cage and their only use of the cage in 2010. Dream 14 comes to us live this Saturday from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. This is Dream's second event of 2010 and looks to be packed with quality fights! One of my personal favorite fighters in Nick Diaz makes his return to Japan since his Dream 3 victory over Katsuya Inoue back in 2008. This fight was made possible by Strikeforce and Dreams joint cooperation's. There are many other quality fighters making their own respected appearance on this card in that of Sakuraba, Ralek Gracie, Hansen, Kid Yamamoto, Tokoro, and lastly the great Minowa. Anyway enough of my preview on to my PICKS!
Dream 14 PICKS
Diaz -450Sakuraba -180
Hansen -250Kid -1800 LOLMaeda -275Minowa No Odds available yet on my bookMinowa will make quick work of 300+ pounder Imani Lee by taking the fight to the ground and securing a quick hell hook for the easy victory. Minowa is a veteran and show the crowd a great show by whatever submission he wins by.

Maeda who has fought in WEC for the bantamweight title and trains with Shinya Aoki is a scrappy and "dirty" fighter in my opinion. He often shies away to attempt to pull his opponent in. No matter how much I hate taking Yoshiro Maeda, I simply can't ignore the skill difference between him and his opponent, Osawa. Look for Maeda to win via KO head kick!

Next is probably one of the most currently overrated fighters on this car... [More]

Posted Thursday, May 27, 2010 03:48 PM

UFC 114

Welcome to an action packed UFC 114 card! This fight is completely sold and there is so much hype surrounding the Rampage v Evans grudge match it is almost unbearable to wait any longer!!! Ever since Rampage was supposed to face Rashad at UFC 98 this fight has been a dream fight for many UFC and MMA fans alike. Along with the main event this card offers many other exciting bouts. I am going to be coming into this UFC 114 event with a 21-9 overall recording pending 3 fights at tonight's Bellator 20 event. My 21-9 record consists of Strikeforce Nashville and Heavy Artillery, UFC 113, and Bellator 16, 17, 18, and 19. I look to continue my winning ways this Saturday with 7 fight PICKS at UFC 114. This is the best overall UFC card of 2010 so far in my opinion, although the main event of UFC 113 has been the best fight in my opinion. Let's get to some fights...

RAMPAGE -105Bisping -170Duffee -325Lil Nog -675Sanchez -210Dong Hyun Kim +115Escudero -500I feel Escudero (13-1) will continue his winning ways after suffering a 3rd Round submission loss to Evan Dunham earlier this year by defeating Lauzon via submission rear naked choke in the 2nd Round. There has been much controversy over Lauzon's recent camp. His brother and his coach's will not be making the trip to Las Vegas for this fight because they feel that he is not focused and concentrated on this fight. With Lauzon's lack of concentration and support he will lose to Escudero easily.

Taking Dong... [More]

Posted Thursday, May 27, 2010 02:37 PM

Bellator 20

Hello all and I hope you all are looking forward to tonight's Bellator 20 event from San Antonio, Texas at the Majestic Theatre. Tonight's card brings us two middleweight tournament bouts. During my thread for last weeks Bellator 19 event I mentioned I was going to only have 2 PICKS for tonight's card, however that has changed. I am on a Bellator hot streak right now going 5-1 the past two weeks which brings my total to 21-9! I am very proud of this record and hope to extend it to 8-1 and 24-9 respectively with tonight's card. This weekend also brings us action from UFC 114 and Dream 14, which I will be posting thread for today as well. Anyway enough jawing, let's get some PICKS on the board.

Bellator 20 PICKS

Baker -220Hess -500Sanchez -220I see Baker taking this fight by TKO in the 1st Round. He has been on quite the tear lately and has already proven he can beat Schambari at WEC 31 back in 2007. Baker comes into this fight motivated, look to him to make quick work of Schambari

Hess will win this fight easily because he is determined to get another shot at Lombard. Hess will look to secure a quick submission on the ground. Shlemenko has taken the majority of fights overseas and will not be comfortable on the ground in the least. He comes from Russia so his BJJ will be lacking when compared to Hess. This fight is the easiest to pick tonight IMO

The winner of the Sanchez/ Sursa fight will secure a spot in the Heavyweight tournament in season 3 this... [More]

Posted Wednesday, May 19, 2010 07:29 PM

Bellator 19

Tomorrow night Bellator 19 comes to us live on FSN from the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas at 10pm. This entire season of Bellator has been action packed and I am looking forward towards tomorrow nights event. So far this year I have compiled a record of 18-9 which is made up of Strikeforce Nashville and Heavy Artillery, Bellator 16, 17, 18, and UFC 113. I am making PICKS for 3 fights tomorrow night, the tournament bouts and the "superfight"

Anyone enough jawing, I'll get to my picks. I made these picks on Monday and am very confident in them. I will post my bet amounts between 6-8pm tomorrow night for those interested.

Bellator 19 PICKS

Soto -625
Hornbuckle -500
Askren -650

I know I am picking all favorites, but I feel that this is going to be the easiest of the Bellator events to predict so far. The juice for each fight is quite high so I'm thinking about doing two parlays. One with Soto and Hornbuckle, and the other with Soto and Askren

Soto (8-0), the defending featherweight champion, is going to come out strong in this fight and secure a submission in the 2nd round, I say kimura!!! Saravia (18-8) is no match.

Hornbuckle is coming into this fight the much experienced, decorated fighter posting a record of (20-2). Carl (10-1)does not stand a chance on the ground as Hornbuckle will move to a quick submission via whatever he wants in the 1st.

Finally, for the last fight, Askren (4-0) will rematch Ryan Thomas (1... [More]

Posted Saturday, May 15, 2010 03:47 PM

Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery

Tonight Strikeforce brings us a packed card on Showtime featuring some quality heavyweights. The biggest fight of the night is between Overeem and Rogers for the heavyweight championship. Both of these fighters come into this fight with much controversy surrounding both. Overeem hasn't defended his heavyweight title since defeating Buentello nearly 2 years ago! And Rogers is just coming off of a loss to The Last Emperor, how you get a title bout after coming off a loss is news to me.

Coming into tonight my MMA record for PICKS stands at 15-6. This record is comprised of Strikeforce Nashville, Bellator 16/17/18, and UFC 113. I look to continue my winning ways coming off a successful Bellator 18 event this past Thursday. Tonight I will make six PICKS. It is the bettors own discretion to follow my picks or not.

Strikeforce; Heavy Artillery PICKS
Rogers +190Arlovski -180Souza -600Gracie -500Britt +130Beerbohm +130Beerbohm will TKO Riberio in 2nd Round. He fights good against Brazilian and he's taller as well. His overall tuffness will prevail.

Now on to the main card!

Britt used to be 300 pounds!!! Now at a slim 205 look for him GnP Cavalcante to a quick KO in the 1st Round. His heavy hands will be no match for the Team Nog trained Feijao in the stand up or on the ground.

Randleman's glorious PRIDE days are LONG behind him and he has begun to slow down and show his age dropping 9 of his past 12 fights. Randleman has long been one of my favo... [More]

Posted Thursday, May 13, 2010 09:55 AM

Bellator 18

Hello all and welcome to another Thursday of Bellator action with the 18th installment. Tonight's action comes live from Monroe, Louisiana. With the late withdrawal of Paulo Filho the would-be superfight between him and Hector Lombard is no more. With the late replacement of Jay Silva taking on Lombard this card just doesn't have the drawing power it once did.

In the past my bets have been comprised of Strikeforce Nashville, Bellator 16, Bellator 18, and UFC 113. Last weekend at the UFC event my record took a pounding! Currently my overall record stands at 13-5. Tonight I look to turn my downward streak back positive in going 3-0.

Bellator 18 Picks

Lombard -1150 No play, juice to high, parlay?
Freire -105 Risk $30 to win $28.57Karakhanyan Risk $50 to win $77.50Karakhanyan (13-1) is on quite the streak right now. Look for him to earn another 1st round victory over newcomer Warren (3-1).

Take Freire (13-0) over Reis (10-1). Even though Reis is the favorite and was once the Elite XC Bantamweight Champ, he has a problem taking fights to a decision and just eking them out. Reis has fought mainly in the United States where as Freire has taken the majority of his fights in his native country of Brazil. These two fighters rely heavily on their BJJ, but look for Freire to move in quickly and get a submission in the late 1st, early 2nd round.

It is a real shame that Filho wasn't able to get his "visa papers" worked out to fight. That fight had the... [More]

Posted Friday, May 07, 2010 01:20 AM

UFC 113 Picks

Hello all and welcome to a very packed UFC 113 card. For those who have followed my plays in the past I have posted an impressive 11-1 record spanning back from Strikeforce Nashville, Bellator 16, and Bellator 17. For every event I bet I either make picks for the complete main card or the Top 4 fights (mostly Bellator and Strikeforce).

UFC 113 looks to be great card with a great LHW rematch in the form of Machida VS Shogun. I look for Machida to come out in his basic elusive fashion, and for Shogun to be on the hunt. Machida has told Dana White as well as in various interviews that his second match with Shogun will go quite differently. Why should anyone believe this? Machida said the same thing after his snoozefest with Ortiz. I see Shogun coming out with a vengeance and getting a TKO (ref stoppage) in the late 3rd/ early 4th round. I do not see this fight going to a decision at all.

In the second most intriguing matchup of the night Paul Daley and Josh Koshchek square off. I see this fight ending in a Daley KO in the early to mid 2nd Round. I think Koscheck is just going attempt takedown after takedown with Daley stuffing most of his attempts. Once Daley gets open space look for him to get the KO.

For my third and final writeup I'm going with Kimbo. Kimbo was a rough streetbrawler but has since transitioned his game into a respectable mixed martial artist by training with AKA down in Clearwater, FL with Thiago Alves and Tiago Alves, both very respectabl... [More]

Posted Wednesday, May 05, 2010 03:14 PM

Bellator 17

Hello all, this is my first thread post in the forums. I normally just post in existing threads, but I'm going to begin making threads for various UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, and Dream events.

Recently, at Strikeforce Nashville I went 4-0 with my picks, then I followed that run up with a nice 4-0 outting at last weeks Bellator 16 event.

I plan on making picks just for the main card of various events, or the Top 4 fights. I am paying no attention to the the juice I have to lay on a fight when I make a pick. If you choose to follow, congratulations!

Bellator 17 Picks

  • Alvarez
  • Huerta
  • Imada
  • Konrad

Best of luck to anyone who follows me or bets on these fights! I will be around the forums all day today until about 7pm if anyone has any questions or comments, which are welcome!

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