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Posted Friday, December 07, 2012 03:09 PM

Best pick For Friday 12-7-12 NBA NCAAB


Memphis Over 182   Memphis score in the last 8 game over 100 point is seem hard to me see this game under is over...

Bulls Going -2.5 and under 183.5 

Oklahoma -7.5

Boston under 188.5 to defense team I'm sure we won't see a lot of fast break .

Brooklyn -6.5


NOILL +12  I'm sure they are match for hold to Wis-Milwaukee

Canisius +4 they had better start and talent Fairfield in the other side haven't start pretty this season

Rider -3.5  Last time I'm took this thing they did pretty good job , I can say much about Siena been home taking point is a little concern for me.

 VCU Over 138.5 both team can't handle to get over  by there average...
Iowa St Under 145.5 they are too good offensive but I'm sure they both will hold more than what the line says so under for this game both team are from the same city. 

Posted Thursday, December 06, 2012 10:11 AM

NBA NCAAB Best Play for 12-6-12


Knicks At Miami : miami have some trouble with not PG on ... Knicks will try  there Target on the 3 shots.... Lebron looking to take revenge from Wizard And Knicks at the Madison. I pick Knicks +7 and Over 202 

Mavericks At Sun: Both team come from lose. Both teams Allow over 100 per game.  Suns are target to finish that losing streak from the road. Suns, Mavericks Definitely have to improve there game, Taking from yesterday they looking ugly to win this game. Over 199.5 .



Posted Tuesday, December 04, 2012 04:34 PM

Best Picks for tonight

Suns at Memphis: suns on the road allowed 102.7 while Memphis just 90.7  Menphis to cover -10.5 and over 194.5
Thunders at Brooklyn with lopez still uncertain is he tomorrow will play.  indeed is he  or not , I'm sure he won't be ready  in %100 . thunder offensive is looking to kick out tomorrow so thunders -3.5 
LA LAkERs at Rockets both teams scored over 100 point per game laker look ugly last sunday against the magic. The looking to take revenge but lakers record on the road is 1-4, but defense rockets is something to think twice before decide to choose allowing 103.5 highest in the league . I instead to Choose under 214.5 
MIami at Washington. miami is second highest offense just behind the thunders but just give 11- in washington arena is too much so I stay with washington , they already tasted the victory at home that may be looking to get a seconds taste also last match they both had ended with a suprised victory on washington winning 104 - 70 against miami that was 19-2-12 for more detailed anyway under 195.5 all day


Dartmouth vs Elon University  I like darmouth taking +11 

Oklahoma vs Arkansas: this is sour oklahoma been doing a pretty good job, they have a strong defense, arkansas is really strong and specially at home. oklahoma under 153.
Georgetown vs texas: under 123. 2 strong defenses not many points at the end of the game . 
Richmond at old Dominion : richmond -6 the onl... [More]

Posted Monday, December 03, 2012 04:00 PM

Bets pick for today 3-12-12

lets start with NCAAB:

fresno st vs long beach st I'm going with fresno on that one taking +4.5

syracuse over 124.5 yesterday is started for 119 the line is been raised is going over all day

Wright St vs Bowling Green   Wright st +3.5 , I saw bowling green playing on the weekend ... so I dont expect much from then is they place like the last game at home too..

Nebraska +2 the line officially start with +4 and is been going down  thats mean nebraska have high chance plus playing a home. 


Detroit piston -4.5  in both of there last game detroit had proof they won at won and in there yard, cleveland they have been struggle trying to scores. another tip Detroit is Dangerous at home

Clippers OVer 196.5 .... i also pick to win the clippers but utah jazz haven't lost one game at home .... Clipper will need to do it  better than in there past games. still taking clippers -1.5 and over 196.5

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2012 01:36 PM

Free picks 11-29-12 NBA, NCAAB

Hi lets sTart with NCAAB

Arkansa St - 6.5 much better team that florida international  so arkansas to cover 

Pepperdine +1 last time they play against montana st they killed it so i take that +1 but i know pepperdine to beat up

Fordham +7  manhattan  is just to bad they both were bath but I take fordham with the +7 points

Indiana perdue -1 at UMKC they are just scoreless compare to indiana perdue... so i go with indiana perdue-1

Marquette at florida  I like marquette taking that +11 they shouldn't been taking that huge advantages well i go for this.

Notre Dame Over 133 is a tuft match but I'm sure both team will score more tham 133

Cristian-Texas -9.5 much better team they been playing really good I believe southern utah won't have a chance

arkansas little rock -9  troy won't have a chance i go with arkansas little rocks


Miami 5.5 last time they play miami kill them 120-98 even is there spurs had been playing extraordinary on the road I dont believe they will have a chance with a Fresh miami in miami arena 

Denver nuggets -1.5 at Golden state warrior Denver had been playing  excellent ... so if wouldn't bet against them golden state warrior I saw them missing a lot of shoot lately so keep that on my 

Any comment or suggestion would be appreciated it

... [More]

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2012 01:20 PM

Free Picks 11-28-12 NBA NCAAB

Lets start with

Knicks Vs Bucks : Chandler offensive increased and Carmelo Will be the Edge to this game... Bucks aren't the best team in the Home with 3-3 so. Knicks -2 and (over 201)

Houston Rockets: Harden would be the key in this game, he know really well Thunders Arena so I go with the Rockets.
Rockets +10 under (209.5)

Brooklyn vs Celtics : brooklyn have been really good playing and they beat boston by 5 point in the last game . Rondo will have to find a way to beat this guys up. brooklyn  +3.5


Cleveland St Vs Ball St: cleveland have much better team and records than Ball St, I take Cleveland St -2

Michigan st vs miami-florida: i take michigan st they are ranked 14th and they have better bench defense and field gold so michigan +1.5

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 01:22 PM

My Free picks for tuesday 27 november

LEts start with NBAbest match and why, Im going to explain then in a few...
phoenix suns at cleveland:   cleveland been playing well this day, but after last game against memphis with such scoreless game and tired of yesterday . phoenix have high chance to wins this match, they are much better than cleveland in every single way. under 201.5 and phoenix 
tips : both team are have weak defense, phoenix lead ,rebounds, point,and bench 
indiana pacers vs lakers:     I will take those +7.5 why, indiana been playing good gasol injury maybe get feel today lakers foul problems can decide this game due the pacer have good bench, free throws and rebounds. also i expect a slow play ...
tips: paul knee tension , free throw, who control rebounds...
NCAAB Best options

Iowa vs VA Tech :  VA Tech giving 1.5 , iowa have some serious problem scoring while VA is been constantly but there weak point is the defense , still Virginia tech is playing in home and iowa scoreless action
southern miss vs DEnver : southern Miss  -5 they southern  Miss have all the chance to win this game they playing in the court are better in every single way than Denver  
this 4 games are the best match for me 2 pairs or a 4 comments would be appreciated it... [More]

Posted Saturday, November 24, 2012 11:49 AM

my picks NBA saturday 11-24-12

Thunders -4  ( payback there lost by the celtics.)

Bobcats +4.5 or money line (wizard have a good chance to win there first victory.... but i take +4.5)

Clippers -2 (make the hawk payback whats the nets did to them last night.)

Heat over 196.5 (i like it as over 14.5 is just to much point but miami is good making overs in american airlines arena.)

Timberwolves +2.5 (kevin love return would be the key to lead the wolves beat the warriors.)

Bucks 2.5 (bucks are been playing very well....)

Jazz Over 194.5 ( jazz will need to increased there fast break... if the want to beat kings over 194.5 is the key on that game.)

Posted Friday, November 23, 2012 10:37 AM

Fridays NBA... november 23

hawk vs Botcats ..... for this game I pick bobcats they have a nice winning record in there arena plus they are much better tham the hawks if u make a close comparation between those too together, another info go to keep on mind atlanta beat up in the overtime  washington who have the worst record league. Botcats taking 3.5 

cavaliers vs magics I pass on that game....both team have good chance to win...

clippers vs brooklyn both team come from a lost....clippers have a better offensive and a better bench .... i will take clippers -2.5

spurs vs indiana .....spurs beat up in every single way the pacers. so I pick spurs giving -4

thunders vs Celtics .... Celtics are been struggle in the defense allowing more than 100 point in there last 2 matches .... i pick the thunders -3

knicks and Rockets ....thats a good game knicks will need to scored as many free throw if they want to big totally houston... knicks have much better and houston has to paid what mavericks did to the knicks. knicks -4 .

Raptors vs Pistons ....raptors have much better team than piston and magic.... I pick raptors +2 

lakers vs memphis ..... Lakers is still having problem trying to win out of laker home arena.... i pick memphis -4.5 and over .

Warriors vs Nuggets in this match i like warriors they are much better offensively nuggets gonna be force to an outstanding defense if they want to win this match. warrior +6

kings vs Jazz .... ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 11:26 AM

wednesday 21 november, NBA picks tonight

New Orleans Hornet vs Indiana Pacers lets start talking about indiana pacers.... Indiana still scorless compare too new orleans they both have defenses weak, pacer did surprised dallas in there court stadium, and control the worst teams in the Eastern Conference Wizard. But New orleans Would be my picks taking the +8 points .... indiana still scorless weak defense he's best player hasn't recovery for he's injury.... New Orleans  taking +8 and over 181.5 ....

Orlando Magic Vs Detroit Pistons .... both teams had play before with a suprising victory of magic in the overtime.... But in Fact magic was scoreless in he's last 2 games.... I pick over 186.5 and pass to choose if detroit of magic would beat.... is a uncertain game...

Miami Heat vs Milwakee Bucks, Miami is a big team they hasn't lost in the Miami Arena but knowing that Wade won't play and lebron james still sick from he's flue .... I take milwakee taking the +10 points and under 204.5.

New York Knicks Vs Dallas  Mavericks , since the beginning of this season knicks has been the greateast  big suprised, I take the knicks giving the 2.5 they were killing up while dallas been dying ...withouth dirk dallas won't be a team who can stopped the knicks... I pick knicks giving -2.5 

brooklyn Nets vs Golden state Warriors.... brooklyn just played against the laker a really good match
but Warriors are fresh and playing in there home court .... I pick over 194.5

Clippers... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2012 07:07 PM

my picks for tonight tuesday are NBA

im recomended knicks in the first half winning by 3 1/2 point better tham take the 7 remember we are playing in bobcats arena they are able to do what it take to get close to the knicks that has the only lost by menphis town..... but definitely is a good game to play over 187 point over...
(knicks in the half to beat the bobcats and over 187 point)

my second pick would be brooklyn.... i like those 6 point if u compare player by player brooklyn has showS UP they can beat the lakers... plus in the lakers side they been playing good since the new coach have take there but they been playing with teAMS like phoenix and a houston rockets that are playing  worst and worst they proof it against utah I consider brooklyn have a good change to beat the lakers or at least lose by less tham 5 point ,,, if u not like it i believe lakers and brooklyng won't scored combine over 208 so play under....  (brooklyn taking 5,5 point and under 208)

and  what about the last beat i consider phillies against raptor they have a streak win of 2 game they been covering there bets but if i choose phillies i will like to take it in the half game giving just  3 point maybe 2 1/2 points ....if u not sure u can pick to over 183... both defensed are weak I'm sure is going to be a lot of point on that game...(phillies beaten raptors in the half for 2 1/2 over 183)


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