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Posted Sunday, December 26, 2010 10:14 AM

Can I become a Professional Sports Gambler ??

ive been betting for about 4 years now and have progressively became more and more interested in the sports betting, I just graduated and am looking for a job, everybody tells me to do what i enjoy and the only thing i really enjoy is sports betting. I can continue to do what i do now for a couple hours a week and pay my bills and all so no problem there.
So basically if i put 40 hours a week or so into sports betting would it be realistic to think that i could learn enough about this to become a pro. Ill be starting out with probably $1000 bank roll, and would just do side jobs to make extra $ to help me continue to grow my bankroll. hopefully could have around $10,000 in 6 months (mainly from the side jobs). and hopefully continue this process to keep growing that bankroll till I have enough to support myself from my gambling. I would really need to sit down and crunch the numbers a lot more to map out a more detailed plan but just generally speaking. 
Would it be reasonable to think I could become a good enough gambler to keep my bankroll growing in the long run
How much of a bankroll would i need before i could start living off of it  ($500,000) ???
Is this a dumb idea?

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Posted Sunday, August 01, 2010 08:27 AM

NBA MVP futures

Covers posted the story about Pinnacles NBA MVP futures bet. They have Durant as favorite at +241 (5dimes has +250) Kobe +351 (+225 @5dimes). Lebron +497 (+400@5dimes)Howard +803 (+700@5dimes)Dwade +969 (+850@5dimes)Carmelo Anthony (+1224),Dirk Nowitzki (+1682), Chris Paul (+1732),Derrick Rose (+1987), Amar’e Stoudemire (+3568)Steve Nash (+4076)Deron Williams (+4230)Pau Gasol (+7641) and the field (+1326)
Wondering what everybody thought about this. I for one dont see Kobe winning it (he still only has 1). Durant had an amazing year last year and I expect another good season but MVP I dunno. He would be the youngest MVP ever, just dont see that either.  Then next you get the back 2 back MVP LBJ. Call me crazy but I like (+497) for a guy who has ran away with the award the last two seasons and just got surrounded by more talent.(him and dwade might split to many votes though)Next is Howard (+807) at what might be the best bet in my opinion. The best big man in the league, and only getting better. He is once again going to dominate on D and his offense is improving. Dwade@(+969) Could be a huge year for dwade. Miami is his team and he will win an MVP before hes done. But just dont think hes gonna even be the best player on his team.Mello wont win it hes not that good.Dirk already got his. CP3 aint winning it with the hornets and hes not going anywhere yetDerick Rose (+1987) Could be the best player on the best team in the East.&nb... [More]


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