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Posted Sunday, August 05, 2012 07:45 AM

YANKEE backers - may want to stay off sunday game

Iwakuma is a better pitcher then garcia. a 5th grader can see this. they key is you gotta look it up.

i know, i know. the yankee bats are 50 bazillion times better. Did you know the mariners are one of the top scoring teams on the road in all of baseball? wouldnt know it, coming off 2 gems by sabathia & kuroda. 

But freddy blows. He is not in sabathias or kurodas league. The only reason he's starting is pettitte is fragile like paper nowadays.

just a warning - you are laying 2-1 expecting your magic bats will outscore the best scoring road team with a scrub for your starter.

good luck with that 

bet is mariners + whatever the absurd line inflates to by gametime.

Posted Saturday, April 28, 2012 11:46 AM

spurs will be NBA champions. Bet it, then bump this thread in june & thank me.

This thread will make you MONEY. Blind bet the spurs every game through playoffs.

Best 3 point shooting team in the NBA, deepest bench in the NBA, veterans who have won previous championships, all the stars are healthy, best coach in the NBA, rolling over teams coming into the playoffs, every other playoff team has flaws, except this one.

best of all. Best team covering against the spread (38-20-3 ATS) through this shortened, odd NBA season. They been beating the bookie all season long, making money for their backers.

The spurs are currently 7-1 odds to win the NBA championship, 11-4 to win the western conference. This is a great place to park some high risk money. Outstanding horse backing your money.

i will be playing at $100 per game, due to budget constraint. But if $1000 plays are pocket change to you, go ahead & follow this system & buy a car courtesy of your bookie! when the playoffs end. 

my plays are spurs to win the western conference, risk 100 to win 275, to win the championship risk 100 to win 700. 100 per game through the playoffs.

Posted Thursday, January 27, 2011 12:51 PM

Knicks will beat the Heat

I think this is a going to be a major statement game for the Knicks. They come off a recent game that restored their mojo. They are all healthy. Meanwhile the Heat are down Bosh & have not played in 5 days.

Missing Bosh is a big deal. They are already thin at the front court, & without him amar'e will have a field day.

Even if the big 2 go off for 40 a piece (won't happen) who else is going to score for the Heat. I doubt mike miller will put up another 32 on the road. Knicks have at least 4 players that can put up the double digits.

With a defense weakened without Bosh, no depth on the bench, little in the way of size, & a lot of motivation for the Knicks in this game, I see an upset spot.

Knicks for the win.


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