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Posted Thursday, December 17, 2009 12:35 PM

Outcomes you dont see coming.....

Every bowl season there are tons of people (the public) declaring one game or the other a huge mismatch, Then Loyd Carr's UM team beats Tim Teabow's UF squad, WVU minus RR beats OU, KU beats VT in the Orange Bowl, and Utah beats Bama.

Sure some of this is motivation, suspensions, and matchup issues, but where are the shockers this year.

We all know they are going to happen.  We have to think about what is possible rather than what is likely. LSU might beat GT by 31 points (08).

Cincy over UF:

On paper a total mismatch.  If this was the BCSCG I might give UF more that 15.  UF hasnt played a game where they were trying or competing for a BCSCG since well Michigan.  How does a team with nothing left to play for, play for what?  Teabow's last game?  OK, even UF fans are breaking their necks to get to NOLA to see this.  1/2 of the gators have their minds thinking about where outside of gainesville they will be next year.

Ohio State over Oregon:

Its so easy to fall in love with that Oregon spread offense.  This OSU defense is the best and most athletic defense the ducks will face all year.  That speedy O may abuse Ohio State, but I am not so sure.  The Oregon defense is pretty suspect, and if I was going to wager this one based on defense alone, I would take the Buckeyes.  Say all you want about the PAC 10 Rose Bowl record but the '94 Torjans arent coming out of that t... [More]


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