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Posted Saturday, February 09, 2013 10:48 AM

Over-valued/Under Valued Teams

Hey guys/gals,

I have noticed recently some NBA teams that have been getting great lines since the betting public is slow to come around to realize things.

Washington Wizards- They have been totally undervalued recently, especially at home where they have won eight of their last nine. They have beaten the injured Clippers, Knicks, and now Nets- three in a row at home, as well as Chicago and Oklahoma City. Their only home loss came to the Kings. They are nearly healthy and of course they have their most important player back- John Wall. Take a second look at this team since they are getting great lines recently.

Houston Rockets- They are for real and they are almost always potential of putting up big numbers for the Over. They play quick and they play little defense at times. That is great for the over.

Overvalued- Minnesota is still getting a lot of respect even with all of their team injuries. Kevin Love is a crucial player for this team but they are still getting a lot of respect as a home team. Soon bettors will realize that the Timberwolves are a weak team. They are 4-16 so far this calendar year and they are a great team to bet against right now. 

What do you guys think?


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