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Posted Friday, April 06, 2012 09:32 AM

mlb plus money system

how to select a favorite team

This is a 4 game chase that the favored team chosen will cover the -1.5 run line in 4 games in which they are favored from -105 to -140.


These games do not have to be consecutive. For example the Reds may fall in the favored system one day which would be your A bet, but may not fall in it again until another couple of days which would then be your B bet.



You are getting plus money on your bets 99% of the time so even if you lose A,B,C,D bets on one team, you still may win money for the day because of other teams that you are betting on may cover.


For A bets = 1.5% of bankroll

For B bets = 3% of bankroll

For C bets = 4.5% of bankroll

For D bets = 6% of bankroll


How to select the favorite team

A. Finding the selection for the favorites is simple. Find the games where the favored teams line’s are between -105 to -140


Exceptions of the Favorite Team:

A. Do not make the bet if the current team you’ve selected has... [More]

Posted Friday, April 15, 2011 07:29 PM

baseballs departing dogs


This week's baseball system pertains to underdogs in the final game of a series. As we've mentioned before with several other systems, we try to find underdogs off a win for two reasons. The first, is that the team has a bit of confidence after a victory and the second is that many people believe the favorite will bounce back, which helps give us better odds.

What we're looking for in this system is an underdog that won the previous game as an underdog, while allowing six hits or less, and the game being played is the final game in the series.

The six-hit rule means the the favored team isn't swinging a hot bat and teams do tend to run in streaks.

The results for this system are as follows:
2008: 59-65 +$995
2009: 69-74 +$1,225
2010: 66-72 +$1573
2011: 6-5 +$203

It's odd that the system actually showed a decent year in 2009, which is when favorites covered at higher than normal rate, and it has been pretty consistent over the years. Not bad for such an easy method.

Posted Friday, June 18, 2010 10:19 AM

mlb underdog system

I went and backtracked this it seems to come in over 50% every year.

take teams at home that are same division  below 500 pct and bet them when there dogs. 

last year came in at 54 %   and previous year came in at 60%

Example in 2009 when baltimore played tor at home and they were listed as a dog they won all 3 times as a dog.

Posted Wednesday, May 26, 2010 02:26 PM

mlb american league 2 game system chase

bet on home teams in the american league 500 pct and above

after a 1 run loss bet on next 2 home teams for a win doesn't have to be in same series. it doesn't count if teams are going on the road.  

2009  results  A bets 19    B bets 5     losses 0

2008 results  A bets  16    B bets 9    losses  1

2007   results   A  bets 11  B bets 6  losses 0

2006   results  A bets  16   B bets  7  losses  2

2010 results so far   A bets  3   B  bets  1   losses 1

Posted Friday, May 21, 2010 11:47 AM

gods gift to nature

I was reading how edible weeds are gods gift to nature. the stuff that's not sold in stores that grow wild on the land like dandilion, catail root , clover, violets, roses, wild onion  etc if found out in rural areas where everything grows natural is acuatly more healthy to consume than whats found in the supermarket,  why do people think of this stuff as just weeds. I think everyone should wake up and quit using pesticides that poison america, these edible weeds and many more can be used to help clear alergys and skin conditons like rosecia and soriesis. asthma, diabieties can aid in wheight loss and many other conditions if I had enough money I would get a few green houses and organoically grow these weeds and spread the word many of these weeds also help detox and purify the blood to help ward off sickness and can be eaten everyday. theres a cool sight check this out.  http://www.freefoodandmedicine.com/


Posted Saturday, September 05, 2009 03:45 PM

nhl 2 game home chase

Posted Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:37 AM

another wnba system

this one was posted origianaly by joe money on another forum  



Alright.. I know, I know who watches the WNBA? Anyways.. I've followed this system this year, and here are the results. First off... the wagering method... there is a name for this style, but basically we start out with a % of your BR.. I'd say 5%.. So lets say our BR is $1000. 5% would be $50 bucks, so we make a line of 4 numbers. <--- the beginning and end numbers are our RISK amounts.
So game 1 would be 25+25 = 50 to win 45.45 (-110). If we lose, we add the risk to the end of our line. Lets say we lose this game.. <-- see how we simply added our risk of 50 to the end of the line... so now our next wager we would simply wager 75 to win 68.18. Okay. Let's say we win this wager.

25.25.25. <-- Notice after a win we eliminate the outside numbers. So our next wager would be 50 to win xx... Alright, we win this game, as well...

25 <-- we would add this to our next set of wagers... <-- Next line to clear. I typically raise each number in the line by 5 each time a line is cleared twice. So after we clear this line... <-- Each number is raised.


I did a chase using this method on WNBA teams that go on the road for at least 3 games. Bet on the h... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 09, 2009 08:11 AM

more nfl betting systems

I got these off of sbg global.  


Football betting 2009  NFL  (  Canadian Football League)

Our next football betting system is really simple.  We bet against last year’s Super Bowl winner in the first few games of the new season.  If you want to add a secondary football betting system to this one you can also bet against the Super Bowl runner-up from the previous season.

Our next football betting system has us playing the home underdog if they won on the road last week.  Now we get a team catching points that is coming off a nice win last week on the road.  This one is also over 60% in football gambling.

Our next football betting system is betting against any NFL team that is trying to cover as a road favorite for the second consecutive week.  Laying points on the road is tough and doing it two straight weeks is even tougher.

Our next football betting system is the underdog system where we bet on any NFL home team that has won its last two games as a dog.  The dog is now at home which gives them a big edge.  This is also over 60% in football gambling.

Another football betting dog system has you playing any road underdog that was shutout on the road as a dog last week.  Everyone will be down on the team this week so you get more points.  This is another 70% win... [More]

Posted Saturday, April 25, 2009 04:00 PM

american league vs national league

                  National league vs American league


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