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Posted Tuesday, March 13, 2012 02:46 AM

$$$ SWEET 16 FUTURES $$$ Easy Money???

I have been looking at some of these futures and i cant believe how tempting they look. I mean obviously the odds arent great and no one can make a living betting on heavy favorites MLs (all the time)... but some of these futures cant be that bad...

Kentucky to make swt 16   -600
UNC to make swt 16           -475
Mich St to make swt 18       -210
Cuse to make swt 16           -230

Mizz to make swt 16            -275
Kan to make swt 16             -275
Duke to make swt 16           -180
Ohio St to make swt 16       -350

I think that most would agree that using the "L" word to say that all 4 1 seeds are going to make the 2nd weekend of the tournament this year is out of pocket. (I know that its NEVER safe to use that word) And im sure that some of those games might even be single digits wins with some 8 or 9 seed playing hard and somewhat challenge the 1 seed. But no matter what the spread is in that 2nd game (3rd round)  we can all agree that the 1 seed should/will advance....they are a 1 for a reason. Right?

Even the 2's are dominant teams and should have no problem advancing... Mizz,... [More]


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