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Posted Sunday, August 01, 2010 08:24 AM

Nothing but Overs

Betting baseball is more of side project for me until the fall/winter sports start.

I've been only playing parlays with overs recently.  I have not won a whole lot, however, when I look at the percentages of the games I'm hitting, they're quite good. 

So this is just an experiment.  I'm going to play nothing but overs, and flat bet 1 unit for all the games, and see how it goes in one weeks time.  If I'm up, I'll continue.  If I'm down, I'll stop.

My criteria is simple.  I'm only basing my plays on a couple of them.  1: starting pitcher ERA vs opp team.  2: starting pitcher last 3 starts.  3: team batting avg vs starting LHP/RHP.  4: bit of my own intuition.

Here are the plays for today:

Clev/Tor over 8.5: 1 to win .943

Oak/ChiSox over 8.5: 1 to win .935

Sea/Min over 8: 1 to win .917

Tex/LAA over 8: 1 to win .885

Let's see how this goes.


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