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Posted Sunday, June 26, 2011 09:00 AM

Wimbledon preview of women's round of 16

wozniacki seems in control right now, sure her game is not really suited for grass BUT she is just fine now, i think cibulkova is not a bad player BUT i dont see her doing anything vs the danish, woz in 2sets
peng is having a very good year, its just we dont really care about low profile players, i think when peng is hot, she can beat some good players like her next opponent sharapova, BUT i think sharapova of these days will not lose to a player like peng, it was the case last few years but not now, especially in wimbledon, but i dont think maria will win the title, she will go down in semis.maria in 3 sets.
i had chance the whole match of liscki and li, she is hitting and serving bombs, some at 125 mph. cetkovska coming from 2 good upsets, so public will probably take one more shot at the upsetthis time cetkovska will come up short, liscki is not ivanovicthe german is very dangerous and motivated after beating the champion,,, sabine in 2sets.
serena sure losing some sets here and there but even at 75% , she is tough to beat, taking the 2 full sets from her is something to dobartoli is playing very good tennis right now, she is a live dog at +314, but i just think at the end serena will find a way to win again
pervak made me some money here,  paszek is not a great playerBUT she seems playing good enough to beat her recent opponent, no real big names, except schiavone( not her best surface wimbledon) i honestly think pervak did enough, sure it looks a very wi... [More]

Posted Monday, August 31, 2009 10:42 AM

hewitt might lose a set

he is -3300 at pinnacle, hewitt shouldnt be that big fav against anyone now, he is so unstable, his opp isnt a good player but
if we look a his latest grand slam presence at wimbledon and roland garros, he can get a set vs hewitt who isnt anymore the same player he was, a player -3300 to win 3-0 will be around -500 or -600 so we go for not to win 3-0 around +400 to +450
we still dont have the line yet at pinny
i will play medium on that,this is nothing to do with thiago alves
if thiago did qualify here, he can get a set against Old Hewitt.
i think so


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