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Posted Thursday, October 25, 2012 01:29 PM

College Football 5 team parlay

I'll be doing multiple college football parlays.. This is the 1 I already locked in.
N. Illinois -5, Florida -5, Western Kentucky -5, Oregon st. - 3, and Nevada straight up... No point in doing a write up on why I like these teams because I'm sure most of you guys think I'm an idiot aka "NEWBIE who know's nothing" but these teams will cover so if you like money I would advise betting the same!!!!

Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2012 05:21 PM

College football picks week this week

So I seem to have some haters also now... LOLOLOL I did apologize to Vue before I even read any of your guys negative comments towards me.. So here's my pick for this week:   ( BTW I buy the spreads down)

1.Nevada at Air Force.. Nevada - 1
2.N. Illinois at Western Michigan .... N. Illinois - 6
3.Ball st. at Army .... Ball st - 2
4.Eastern Michigan at Bowling Green .... under / 53
5.Indiana at Illinos ....over / 55
6.Iowa at Northwestern.... Northwestern - 3
7.Florida at Georgia ... Florida -3
8.Ohio st. at Penn st. .... Penn st s/u
9.Texas Tech at Kansas st.... Kansas st.-5
10.Oregon st. at Washington.... Oregon st -2
11.Notre Dame at Oklahoma .... Oklahoma - 8
12.La Tech at New Mexico st. La Tech - 27
13.Western Kentucky at Florida Intl... Western Kentucky -5
14.Boise st at Wyoming... Boise st - 13
15.Texas a&m at Auburn ..... Texas a&m - 13
16, Maryland at Boston College ... Maryland + 4
17.USC at Arizona .... over/ 62
18Texas st at San Jose st ... San jose st. - 17
19. Tennessee at South Carolina ... South Carolina -11 
20. Tennessee at South Carolina .... over / 55
I took lots of road favorites but these are my college picks for the week!!  I'll do the NFL soon

Posted Saturday, October 20, 2012 09:48 PM

Overs Giants and saints tomorrow

I'm really liking the Overs in Skins giants game and saints Bucs game!!! All these teams seem to score quick and don't play much D besides the G men sometimes!!! Bears will beat down the Lions also by at least 10!!!!!! Also don't be surprised to see the Ravens beat the Texans especially for the value!!!!  Last week I had Giants beating 49er's, Packers beating Texans with the overs and Broncos monday night with Broncos winning the 4th quarter!!!  They own that quarter btw like 88 - 6 !!!!!  UNREAL STAT!!!!!!!

Posted Thursday, September 13, 2012 02:24 PM

Picks Go Bears and Overs

Taking the Bears plus 6 and the overs!! Also parlaying the A's, plus 1and under with mariners, and O's plus 1, and phillies for 20  to win 300.  4 team parlay mariners tigers phillies and rangers fro 20 to win 136. then a 5 team with the same teams and the Yanks.... GLGLGLGL 2 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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