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Posted Sunday, January 10, 2010 08:17 AM

Sunday Six Pack

On a real lucky run 17-4 on totals.  Hope to keep in the green.  GL to everyone.

Xavier over 145

Should be a fast paced game.  Xavier has played tough D's while GW has played some soft offenses.  LaSalle gave up 110 to Providence this year.  Would love to see Xavier put up 75+

Ariz St under 128

ASU has held 7 of the last 10 opponens under 60 points. 9 straight meetings in this series has never seen both teams score 60+ points.  5 staight games in this series has not seen a team  score 60 points.  WSU is ranked high in Off Eff. but has played one of the weakest Defenses Strength of Schedule in NCAA #318

Denver over 133

This is always a high scoring affair as the last 10 meetings have gone over 140. Denver plays slow and this will be a really slow game.  Denvers D has been one of the worst in Def Eff. and their offense has had a high Off Eff.

Wright St under 133

They played 3 times last year and the totals were 126, 124, and 112.  Both teams play slow tempos and Valpo's Defensive numbers are off after playing the #30 Stength of Offensive schedule.

San Diego under 132.5

Should be a slow game. With low FG %. 

Santa Clara under 143.5

Usually a pretty low line in this series but the tempo will be fast.  STM hasn't put up more than 54 pts in their last 3 trips to SC.  Hope that trend would keep up.

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